In the past few months I have been telling you all about swimwear trends and how to match your beachwear and accessories to your outerwear. Well here I am showing you my latest swimwear musthave: a bikini itself. This is my latest bikini and although it’s hard to say whether this is my favorite, I definitely know why I had to have this one…


I can still remember a time in which I would just have one new bikini or swimsuit a year. Better yet, until the age of 14 I had to beg my mom for a new one. Since I had an expensive taste and she paid for it I always had to make a choice. It would either be the one with the dots or the tankini. After all, I would still have the one from last year which was “perfectly fine” according to my mom. Hard times! This year I have received and bought at least 10 new bikinis. I know that it sounds a little overrated, but when you love traveling and going to the beach, you simply cannot have enough! Besides, bikinis are a l w a y s so so so cute!

This year I found some lovely bathing suits with unicorns, stripes, floral prints, ruffles and bikinis with lace ups, beautiful fabrics or even off shoulder details. You name it, I own it. But there was one type of bikini that I did not have yet. Weirdly enough this is one of the most important ones to have. Sadly enough it’s hard to find a good one: the underwired bra bikini, either push up or non-padded.


Somehow I never really found the right one. Mainstream brands didn’t seem to sell decent ones whilst other brands would forget about the design and fashion part. Where to look for a nice and good bra bikini? At LASCANA it seemed. Here I found this lovely one from Bench which funny enough has a “triangle” look cause of the straps that tie in the back. Lucky me, this one is both stylish and comfortable. I love the colorful print and black lining. And if I was ever to wear this underneath my clothes for a full day, it would almost be like a bra. Perfect!

What do you look for in a bikini? Comfort or style? Or both?



Bikini via LASCANA

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