Finally it’s here! Always unexpected, but oh so welcome: the good weather. Since a few years we somehow go from winter straight to summer; march being an absolute drama and april giving us beach vibes. So buckle up and let’s get ready for it. In this post I am taking you through the absolute bikini must haves and swimwear trends for 2018.

Due to the store windows, fashion shows and street view we cannot escape from today’s trends. Even those who aren’t into fashion would always get an idea of what’s hot and what’s not. For swimwear however, it’s a lot more difficult as we aren’t inspired by it on a daily basis. Last year we saw high waists and a begininning of the velvet trend. That last one is definitely pulling through this year, but there’s so much more…


1. Lace ups
An easy way to spice up your bikini life would be to add some details around the cleavage, preferably details that reveal a little bit more skin. A beautiful and decent option would be the lace up bikini top or bathing suit. It’s both playful and feminine and another plus is that it gives you the possibility to adjust the size, which for swimwear is much needed at times. I am thinking of getting the bikini or bathing suit from the picture which I found at LASCANA, or to be honest… maybe I’ll just take both!

2. Belts
Belts and buckles. They used to just be a practical thing for jeans and trousers, but nowadays they serve as adornments on swimwear as well. You wouldn’t necessarily think of a belt or a buckle when it comes to a bikini and that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. They come in color blocking which can be fun, but basically any buckle or belt would bring a chunky cool vibe to your otherwise basic beachwear.


3. Sporty
Waterpolo and swimming competitions may not be your game, but say hello to the sporty swimwear trend! No need to really be active in it, if one can casually hang around the pool area, but do note that this trend is good for every body type!

4. Ruffles
Around the shoulders, on the back, alongside the hips: choose swimwear with ruffles in the right places to compliment your silhouette. Need more volume around the chest? Ruffles are your best friend. Want that booty to pop? Again, choose ruffles! I am personally a huge fan of this trend as it instantly makes anything look so stylish.


5. Polkadots
The polkadot has always been the kind of trend that comes and goes. When it comes to swimwear the polkadot will get a revival this year, whether it’s classic black and white or in a more modern soft pink or nude. Still too much of a retro vibe? Choose a modern snit that is cheeky and think of a triangle bikini rather than a balcony bra.

I am super curious what you guys think of these trends. Did I forget any? What’s your favorite?!




All bikinis and swimsuits from the photos can be found and shopped at

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