FROM HATS TO HEELS was founded by Larissa Bruin, as a creative outlet to explore and express her vision, style and love for aesthetics. Have a look at the video to get to know more about Larissa.

“I wear, I share”

Larissa was born in a small town in ’89 and always felt the urge to seek for the extraordinary. This psychologist, turnt stylist uses her blog to radiate not only her love for fashion & beauty, but moreover the power of selfconfidence and sincerity. In addition to her blog, Larissa has contributed to Modemag, World Fashion Centre, Glamour USA and Amsterdam FM.

Ways we can work together (a.o.):

*Personal shopping & styling                             *Blog workshops
*Photo/Media styling                                             *Social media mentions
*Editing (writing/photography/video)          *Sponsored posts
*Event & TV/Radio Hosting                                *Modelling
*Side banners                                                              *Shoplogs/hauls
*Giveaways                                                                   *Reviews
*Product placement                                                *On-going partnerships


“Larissa stands out for her empathy. Her dedication to and attention for the client resulted in a pleasant collaboration.”

– Jaap, Rabobank | Personal shopping project

“Larissa uses her physique in her advantage, making clear that you don’t have to look as basic as the clothes you are wearing.”

Paula, Elle Magazine | 30 blogs you should know about

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