Boyfriend material | MAN catch, Mankets

I have always wondered why there are so many men who don't wear scarves.
Why? Is it too girly? Too much of an adornment?
Cause there is now an even bigger and better sister of the scarf: the blanket.
In the men's version better referred to as the manket (you can't not love this).
I really hope you guys pick this up.
Come on, don't you think it's fun that you can walk out of
the house pretending you are still in bed? Rubbing your
beard to that soft warm fabric that may or may not have the scent of mommy's wash lotion?
You don't have to be Lenny Kravitz or a wanderer to wear a blanket.
I really think that scarves and blankets are a perfect way to
pimp your outfit: add some color or a print and give it that extra
flavour and the ultimate, complete winter look.

DO: pick a decent color, like dark brown, burgundy, or dark grey.
DON'T: tie it around your neck like there is no end to it. This is not a
snood (google that), this is a blanket, and you may hang this over your shoulder
like a real bohemian prince. Please do.


VIDEO: Huge Loavies.com shophaul

Another day, another shopping spree.
Here, I am showing you all the stuff that I bought at loavies.com

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


Something festive

Wearing: Estradeur skirt, Ipun jacket via Yesstyle (find here), Invito shoes (find here), River Island necklace as head piece

Wow, how time is running fast! It seems like yesterday when I was walking down the
beach in a bikini for the last time, and today... it's freezy and
almost december! I really wonder sometimes what I do that makes it as though
months are days and hours are just minutes.
So now we are here, and the holidays aren't that far away anymore.
A great excuse for me to check upon some festive items and score some
shimmering, shiny stuff with maybe even some sequins.
Not only are sequins a lovely way to say "HEY, I am here, let's party", it's
also a trend nowadays and there are so many lovely sequined
tops and bottoms in stores these days.
Here, I went for an all black outfit, with just a touch of shimmers in the
top. These shoes come in a mixture of fabrics, so I thought it
would be fun to play with that and add some more leather, and wool.
The head piece is yet another creative twist, since
it's actually a necklace. Saw that one coming?
Let me know what you think of this look!


You already kno-ow

Wearing: Batoko sweater (find here), Chicwish skirt, Pink Soda shoes (find here), Triwa watch (find here), Loavies earring (find here)

I think we all have those days at which we want to do something different:
color our hair, have a tattoo or go somewhere we've never been before.
Just try something new, for what ever reason and what ever the consequences may
be. Well, I had that this week. I didn't only dye my hair with Henna,
I also chose a sweater that I wouldn't normally wear: this
"I'm so fancy" sweater, which I would normally find too funny to wear.
But this time, I just wanted to try it out and since my boyfriend agreed that it
would be a nice thing to wear, I just ordered it.
Now, there is another thing different here from my other outfits: the lowered
waist. I felt like it's time to try something else every now and then, so
you won't see me tucking in every top and sweater forever and ever,
over and over again, wearing high waists.
I do think that I look a little less tall, but this outfit
is worth the loss of optical length.
What do you think?