Breaking black

Wearing: Mostwanted top (find here), Vintage shorts, YesStyle Z cardigan (find here), Van Haren shoes (find here)

This outfit came together in such a spontaneous way. Shoes, top
and cardigan are all new. And I only needed to add
shorts and a bag to complete this look.
I always love to mix black to black for an all
black outfit, but I am glad to have added this aztec printed cardigan
to the ensemble, to give it a bit more color.
I know that it's still dark, but in the end, both shoes and cardigan
are actually fall items. I can totally see myself
wearing these shoes with high waisted jeans during colder
days. I would match the cardigan to any basic
outfit, and maybe with a thick sweater, it would be warm
enough to go outside in October and November.
But first, let me know what you think of this!


Simply slip ons

Wearing: A Bad Day blouse (find here), Vintage shorts, Mostwanted shoes (find here), Vintage bag, Chicwish sunnies

You may find that my outfits are always styled as if I am
going to a party or at least have an occasion to attend to.
Well, here's an outfit that is quite simple, an
"on the go" outfit, I would wear anywhere.
I don't wear blouses a lot, but I really love this
one with it's lace inserts. It would almost have me thinking
of crop tops, yet it covers up.
Another thing I usually wouldn't do is mix the colors
brown and black. But here I did, and it worked.
Also, there is a lot of vintage in this outfit and I've missed that.
What do you think of it?


Boyfriend material | Try a tunic

Photos via Tumblr

When I decided to start a men’s fashion topic on my blog, I wanted
to stay away from trends for I wanted this rubric to be all about
a woman’s perspective to guy’s clothes in general.
However, it’s a fact that one year us, women, love to see you in
baggy pants while the next year we want you to wear skinny jeans,
so of course this rubric is always subject to trends.
One thing that I will always stick to however, is that men should
never feel scared to wear something that, at first, seems to be
a woman’s way of clothing. Think of the colour pink, floral prints and clutches.
That being said, there’s this other trend at the moment that I just
wanted to point out: tunics. Some of you guys may not even
know what I am talking about, so here’s the definite definition of it:
"A loose-fitting garment, sleeved or sleeveless, extending to the knees and worn by
men and women especially in ancient Greece and Rome."

Yep, you can think of either an oversized, long T-shirt or a dress.
BUT. Don’t you worry! As can be seen from these photos wearing
skinny jeans underneath these “dresses” looks kinda cool and may even
be ghetto-ish if you don't do it right!
(If you think you will look girly in it, I suggest you grow a beard – and balls.)
It actually seems to be one of Kanye West’s favourite trends.

DO: think in layers. Wear another top or vest on top of the tunic.
Just be creative; believe in Kanyeezus.
DO: choose dark and sober colours. A print may be just a bridge to far.
DON’T: buy a tunic that is too small or too big. There’s a
thin line between sexy and gay-sexy.


Marrakech Outfit nr. 3

Wearing: Asos bikini, Chicnova maxi vest (find here), Zara bracelets, Asos sunnies

Photos by Rik

WHYYY is it that holidays always go so fast?
It makes me wish that I could be on a holiday forever.
Forever traveling, exploring the world, meeting different cultures. Whether
it is to just stroll down the streets of London or to lay
my ass in the sand of Miami beach: I wanna
see all that, do all that, forever.
What do you think? Would one ever get bored of
traveling? Would homesickness be a fact?
I think it wouldn't be if you choose to travel with
the right person: someone who understands your needs and
loves you right. Okay, now I really wanna go on
a trip to forever land. Haha.
I am, actually, going to travel some more. But somehow
that doesn't feel like a holiday. I don't know
why but I'm thinking that backpacking will
also mean a lot of work. More about my
new adventure soon. But first, check this photos
my boyfriend made in Marrakech and tell me what you think!