Review: Westcord Fashion Hotel

By 27 maart 2015 LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL


What do you find most important when you book a hotel? A comfortable bed? Sport facilities? Or would you settle for an easy stay over since the place you are staying at is most important? A few weeks ago Lily and I went to Westcord Fashion Hotel here in Amsterdam for two days to write a review about it. Let me take you on this trip through all facilities that this fashion hotel has to offer.

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Random rebel

By 24 maart 2015 OUTFIT, PERSONAL


With the first sun rays kicking through my window, I feel delighted for the new season. In my wardrobe dark, sober colors are being replaced by bright and light colors. It’s such a relief to not have to wear a coat when I am shooting an outfit outside and I clearly had the most of fun shooting this look with my favorite photographer…

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Spring plunge

By 21 maart 2015 OUTFIT


Isn’t crazy how it seemed to be Christmas yesterday, while today we are almost at the end of March, welcoming spring into our lives and wardrobe?! I am always ready to make this jump, cause except for the festivities I don’t really like the winter. So here’s quite a spring summer look…

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