La la leopard

Wearing: Mostwanted leopard top (find here), Estradeur skirt, Primark heels & sunnies

Uhm, yeah, you must be thinking that I am welcoming you back to
the 90's with this outfit right here, because of
the leopard print, socks in heels, sunnies and my hair.
But really, it's just the way I matched everything together
that makes it look so retro. I must say that I love
a little vintage every now and then, but normally, looks like this
would not be my favorite. The reason why I did however
go outside like this, is because it is still on point.
You could say that it is matchy-matchy the way that I only used black
and white. But I'd rather say that I composed it with care.
Overall, I think that it is a great ensemble, worth a second look.
Let me know what you think!


New in: Adidas laptop sleeve

In these photos: Adidas laptop sleeve (find here)

Although I love new challenges and I love to live
take risks, I must say that there's one point on which I have
been living on the edge I shouldn't be proud of: I have been
having a Macbook for seven months now, and I didn't
have a laptop sleeve! All the time I was using cotton bags and my old
15" laptop sleeve. So, what can I say... I AM SO HAPPY
to finally have one now. And it's this sophisticated sporty one
from Adidas. Black and white. Clean. Cool.
I've even thought of using it as a clutch. I can already see
myself doing that when it suits the outfit.
For now, it should keep my macbook safe in it's fashionable way.
What do you think?


WIN: This "Back to school" look

Wearing: Amy&Ivy bomber jacket (find here), Seven Sisters crop top (find here), Amy&Ivy joggings (find here)

A few weeks ago me and two other bloggers have been styling a "Back to school" outfit
for the brands Amy&Ivy and Seven Sisters, which are part of The Sting.
And here's the result! I decided to go for leather Amy&Ivy joggings,
a floral Seven Sisters crop top, and an Amy&Ivy bomber jacket.
I really fell in love with these pants. A fun fact is that
I could wear it both high waisted and loose, so I guess
it will forever be in style.
You may not be surprised about the crop top. All my
friends know that this is my favorite trend.
Eventually, I added a bomber jacket to complete the look
to a somewhat cool, but still chique ensemble.
And the best part of all this, is that you can win the complete outfit!

Simply go to The Sting Network Facebook Page (HERE) and
like the photo of me wearing this outfit.
Good luck!


A touch of tumblr

Photos via tumblr.

When you read this, I am living my own fairytale.
That fairytale means: white beaches and emerald blue water.
I also hope that it means relaxing, and I would
love to say all kinds of other spiritual things, like
finding my inner strength, getting myself together, and
completing my soul. But that would sound way too depressive.
And that is not what I am, at all.
Photos like the ones above simply make me
think of fun. Fun, and freedom!
Holidays, yeah! What does
your week look like?