This month's love goes out to...

Proenza Schouler, Tibi, Sachin + Babi. Photos via Style.com

For whom have never heard of the term: it hangs like
a skirt, but is actually a 3/4 pants.
For me, this is such trend of which I had never expected
that I would come to love it. If you had shown me these pants
2 years ago, I would've been like "Yukk!"
But nowadays, having seen them on the streets, especially
with crop tops, I LOVE IT!
It's so elegant and feminine, yet it must be
very very comfortable!
I bet we'll be seeing this trend during fall
as well, maybe accompanied by some tights or socks?
Anyway, I'm ready for it!


Three ways to wear it: Invito ankle boots

Wearing (photo 1): Inwear jeans, Missy Taylor top, Vintage bag, Invito shoes (find here)
Wearing (photo 2): Primark skirt & top, Ana Mar clutch, Invito shoes (find here)
Wearing (photo 3): River Island jeans, Desire Clothing top, Vintage vest, VJ Style bag, Invito shoes (find here)

You may have noticed that I wear boots a lot. Maybe it's because I barely
ever find the right sneakers and flats. Last summer however,
I have found some great slip ons and trainers.
But I must say that I am kinda happy for fall to come, if only
it was for the fact that I can wear boots again.
The ones that I am wearing right here, for example. Typical
Larissa boots! The way that they are tough with the crenelated soles, yet
they have these block heels with just the right height to be both
chique and comfortable. And the zipper at the front is just
a great detail! I bet I will be wearing these shoes a lot.
Here, I am showing you three ways to wear boots like these during
the coming weeks, in which the summer will find it's way into fall.
Light, dark or colorful. Laidback, classy or cool. Which is your favorite?


Boyfriend material | Adorn you

Photos via tumblr.

When it comes to jewelry, there are no rules except for the one
that you should wear what suits you.
Maybe you don’t like jewelry at all, or maybe you
only wear jewelry with an emotional meaning. It’s allll right!
It’s also ok if you follow the latest trends when it comes to jewelry.
In that case some metal arm candy will do you no harm.
Now, about what I love to see on men? In accordance with what I noted
above, I love when I can tell a men’s personality from the way
he dresses and accessorizes.
Normally, I am not a fan of the boho boy’s look with
all kinds of ropes, strings and beads, unless it is done by
someone with long hair, a beard, tattoos. What can I say then? Go Tarzan!
Anything else, I’d suggest delicate pieces that are either
real silver or real leather. Brands tell alot, but can also be deceiving.
For example, I bought my boyfriend an Armani watch, although
I am not a big fan of the brand’s accessories. But this watch was exactly
my boyfriend’s type: simplicity x sturdy with a special touch.
Oh, and if you'd ask me. The only thing necessary is a watch.
Don't ask me why, but I find it kind of sexy to see a bold, sophisticated
watch around a men's wrist; the attention being drawn to the manly rough hands.

DO: match different jewelry pieces, without getting caught up in just one colour.
DON’T: wear jewelry pieces just to finish up your outfit. I expect more from
Guys than from girls at this point. Leave decorating up to us.
DON’T: wear too much jewelry, in addition to what I am saying above.


La la leopard

Wearing: Mostwanted leopard top (find here), Estradeur skirt, Primark heels & sunnies

Uhm, yeah, you must be thinking that I am welcoming you back to
the 90's with this outfit right here, because of
the leopard print, socks in heels, sunnies and my hair.
But really, it's just the way I matched everything together
that makes it look so retro. I must say that I love
a little vintage every now and then, but normally, looks like this
would not be my favorite. The reason why I did however
go outside like this, is because it is still on point.
You could say that it is matchy-matchy the way that I only used black
and white. But I'd rather say that I composed it with care.
Overall, I think that it is a great ensemble, worth a second look.
Let me know what you think!