By 25 februari 2018 OUTFIT

You may know the phrase “shoes make the men”, well, same goes for women. But in some cases 1 shoe matches to all outfits or 1 outfit matches to many types of shoes. In this look I am showing you how my favorite shoes match to just one outfit, for different occasions.

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By 25 januari 2018 OUTFIT

What do you think of when you finish an outfit? Jewelry? Shoes? Hats and caps? For me the ultimate way to top off a look is by choosing the right bag. Lately I have specifically been into the high-end musthave type of bags, mainly designer bags. So what’s on the hotlist at the moment? I guess you already saw it in the photo above as it is such eye candy: my new baby from Pinko. Let me fill you in on all the details…

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By 22 januari 2018 OUTFIT

A new year, a new start. And for some of us: a new wardrobe. Wether it’s because the new year’s resolutions had you lose a few pounds or simply because you are a shopaholic like me. I totally agree that a new year is reason enough to take a look at your wardrobe; clean out the mess and welcome the new. But what to buy these days? It’s still winter-ish, but a new season is only a few months away. What are the must haves of this season that we can expect to transition into the next?

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By 20 december 2017 TRAVEL
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Just over a week ago I came back from the most amazing press trip I have ever made so far. When I was asked to visit Thailand (again), I did not get too excited at first as I had already been there before, backpacking with friends. On the other hand I knew that it would be a great way for me to explore yet another, more luxurious side of Thailand that I had not seen the previous time. Also, I was aware that a press trip would always show the best of the best as a local tour guide was coming along. Still, I was utterly amazed by what Thailand had to offer me besides what I had already seen. Besides, we were privileged to fly with extra leg space with Thai Airways & chill in the business lounge of Bangkok Airways, which was all very well organized. Now, let me tell you all about the hidden gems you can not miss during a trip to Thailand!

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