Last year I informed you guys about my new car, my Toyota AYGO, which I was super happy with and which I had “designed” myself as a part of the AYGO Fashion campaign. It was a huge opportunity for me and it was such a bliss in so many unexpected ways. That’s why in this post I would like to tell you all about it and hand out some nice tips…

Since I live in a big city, Amsterdam, I always used to say that I did not need a car for it wouldn’t be convenient, having to pay parking costs. In fact, finding a parking spot would already be a hurdle. And to be even more honest, I had never driven down the city center of Amsterdam and was super scared do it. Nope. I did not need a car in my city. However, now that I have had a car for a year, I feel like there is no turning back. Of course it was already to cool to be able to work on this campaign, but moreover I have really come to love my car and the benefits it gave me. Let’s go through it.


1) Freedom
Something I already experienced a little bit with having a bike in Amsterdam, is the freedom that a vehicle can give to you. Being able to just hop on a bike and go somewhere is lovely, but being able to jump into a car is yet another level cause it brings you so much further.

2) Time
Another benefit from having a car, adding up to the first one, is that it is a lot less time consuming than having to take public transport from one place to another. Not only is it way faster, it’s also taking you from A to B without having to transfer or walk from a bus stop. This seems so logical, but it wasn’t until I experienced the ease of having a car myself that I understood how important this was for me.

3) Beyond fear
Driving can be scary when you don’t do it often. I think that a lot of women can relate to this. My mom, for one, is scared to drive the highway. Better yet, she never does it and so she never comes to Amsterdam by herself. I have been dealing with the same sort of struggle, but it wasn’t the highway that caught me in fear, it was driving in general. I just had this (stupid) insecurity and always thought that I wasn’t a good driver. My mom’s situation and acceptance of her issue didn’t really help me get over it. Nor did the comments of friends “OMG Larissa, be careful. OMG you are such a bad driver. OMG should I really get in the car with you?” Well guess what? Just one year of having my own car and all of my fear is gone. I now drive from here to other countries nearby with no problem at all. I don’t even think about my fear anymore and am so grateful that I forced myself to go beyond my fears and insecurities. Practice makes perfect!

4) Creativity
A fun part of this whole driving experience is that it made me more creative. You guys may know that I vlog regularly and somehow my car moments are the funniest parts of my vlog every other week. When the music is blasting through my speakers, there is no stopping me. I sing, I shout, I dance, I drive. It’s fun and it’s fun sharing! Also, thanks to my car I am able to look up some lovely spots to photograph and so my instagram posts are getting better as well.


5) Identity
Another interesting thing about this car was the identity that came with it. I am, if I may say it myself, a sophisticated woman. I know what I want and what I stand for and being a fashion blogger I am always aware of my looks. It was amazing to be able to design this car and turn it into something that was like an extension of my identity. This car, being the Toyota AYGO “Sassy” is light, powerful and stylish and I think it is so cool how many friends and people I’ve met told me how this car was really a “Larissa car” – what ever that may be haha. I once described my car as the biggest and most valuable accessory that one could have and I really feel like I should cherish that…

Now… for those who are thinking of getting a car, but are still in doubt, I have a few tips. First of all, reasons above should be enough to stop doubting. I think one should at least try it for a bit and experience how it changes your life. Another tip here: If you think that a new car is too expensive, think of leasing a car. The Toyota AYGO for example, can be leased from 199 per month and all extras such as insurance etc are taken care of! This also makes it easy to just try it out for a year and then decide whether it’s something you’d like to continue. My last and golden tip would be to choose a car that matches you, your style and your personality. Again, leasing is the most convenient and affordable way to do this. I have experienced it as an absolute must to have a car that fits me since it’s like your home on wheels and your most valuable accessory. It’s not just men who desire a good looking car, us women, also have taste and needs, don’t we?

Very curious to hear your car stories. Do you own a car? Are you in desperate need of a car? And what are reasons for you to buy or lease a car?




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