You cannot have missed it: this year’s sale is huge just like every other end of the year sale. 70% OFF signs instantly give me heart eyes, and so do these sale items that I found on

Ever since I started my blog, has been my go-to website whenever I needed a specific item or simply wanted something new and spicy for my wardrobe. Whenever my friends say that they are looking for a dress or jeans, I always tell them to look for it on ASOS. It’s easy and has a good price/quality ratio. But there is one time of the year that I, myself, am even more excited about this website: uhuh, during there huge sale!

Not only does the ASOS sale give me a reason to shop, it’s also very inspiring cause I get to see what’s new in fashion. And the best part about it, is that even the items that I have been hunting for for a while are on sale. YEAY!

Today I am sharing my favorite sale items from ASOS with you. Among these are a maxi coat, cause this seems to be my signature clothing piece, a cool bag pack, a patchwork denim skirt, thé most amazing snake ankle boots in retro style and some other must haves.

Which item is your favorite?


In this picture: 1. ASOS backpack, 2. ASOS maxi coat, 3. ASOS patchwork skirt, 4. ASOS patchwork jacket, 5. Mango snake ankle boots (similar here), 6. Yumi floppy hat, 7. ASOS longline top, 8. ASOS suede wrap skirt, 9. The Laden Showroom turtleneck dress

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