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It’s almost official: the summer of 2015. Only 10 days to go, and it’s not like we’ll have to count down, cause the sun is happily shining. I’m already making plans for the summer, and although they’re exciting, they also freak me out, because there’s a lot to think of in advance. But right now, I just want to have a look at pictures like these that inspire me to have a good time…

Again the photos that inspire me are very light colored: light pink, pale beige, nude and sky blues are dominating these pictures. Sun glasses & hats for accessories, but also a lot of bare skin. Roses, feathers, curtains. Could it get more romantic?

I don’t know about you, but the summer really has me thinking about love a lot. And somehow, everyone seems to be prettier in the sun. It’s so much fun to go outside if only to look around. People not only seem to be more attractive, they also dress way better than during the winter. Is it their sunnies that make them look good? Or the summer glow on their skin? Or is it just me, longing and waiting, inspired by pictures like these? Cause I could totally settle for a few weeks on an uninhabited island with just one special person.

I hope these pictures inspire you as well. Not only to look healthy & fashionable. But also to have a great time with loved ones. Let me know what you hope you’re summer will look like!


“If all we’ll ever have is faith…

Would that be enough?”





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