You may know the phrase “shoes make the men”, well, same goes for women. But in some cases 1 shoe matches to all outfits or 1 outfit matches to many types of shoes. In this look I am showing you how my favorite shoes match to just one outfit, for different occasions.

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Better in boots
I am not a sneakers kinda girl. Instead I prefer boots as they can be either more chique or more tough than sneakers. My favorite type of boots have something special, something extra… think of buckles, laces, mixed fabrics or a certain print. Nowadays patent boots are among my favorites as they instantly make an outfit stand out. I found these pink patent boots and totally fell in love with them as they are so cute and so easy to style. What I aso love about these cuties is that the heel height is perfect for everyday; gotta love it when heels are easy to walk on. I have a lot of boots like these and just felt like pink ones were missing from my color palette. Such a shame cause pink is the way to go this season!

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Red heels chic
Now when it comes to heels lace ups are my go-to! You can lace them up which ever way you want, so they can easily be worn with either skirts/shorts or jeans/trousers. And besides that, they are always, always very sexy. These red high heels kinda blew me away because of the heart details on the laces. Clearly these were made for Valentines but will do good throughout the whole year. To any special date, or on a lovable fashion event I will be rocking these into the night. Oh and bet ya people heads will turn and necks will break haha.

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Slouch from the couch
Whenever I am at home I wear sliders throughout the house. I feel like they are so comfortable and easy to step into. I have about 6 different types of furry sliders like the ones I am wearing here and I just keep buying new ones as I cannot get enough. During the summer I also wore them outside and had a lot of people looking at them. It’s such an eye catcher. A friend of mine was wearing furry slides to Paris Fashion Week and totally had the paparazzi going crazy. I can understand why and I think it’s so cool how fun slides like these can be both chill for at home and good enough for fashion week.

So… isn’t it funny how this one look can go with all of these shoes? Still, it makes for a total different look from “doing my thang at home casually”, to “stepping outside fashionably” and all the way to “impressing my date with a dose of shoe porn”. What do you think of this look and the shoes? Agree that every woman needs boots, slides and lace ups? Let me know in a comment!

Yup. These shoes are all from one of my favorite brands. It’s funny how I have so many items from the same brands. Shoes from Public Desire, clothes from ASOS & Booho. What I like about these online stores is that there are always so many discount codes to find that make shopping even more fun.

PS. Use the code LARISSA15 for 15% off. Whoop whoop!



Wearing: Missguided top, Primark jeans, Public Desire boots, Public Desire lace up’s, Public Desire slides
In collaboration with Public Desire

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