Ok, ok… I know that some of you may have negative associations with the word carrot pants. Me, myself, I have that too. But for me, that changed a while ago when I started digging the chino’s and high waisted formal pants. And with these I am wearing right here, the carrot pants have reached yet another level.











Being a huge fan of two piece sets and co-ords, I always look for these when I am to find something for a special occasion. For example, when I am going to a festival and need an outfit from a certain website: I will start by looking for a two piece set. I do this for several reasons. 1: the top and bottom are matched instantly, so I can be done within a few minutes, 2: two piece sets, especially with cropped tops are just so lovely and have me thinking of sophisticated suits on the one hand and children’s clothing on the other hand. And this, my darlings, can make a cute but feminine ensemble.

Now this outfit right here consists of quite formal pants, which come of cooler because of the buckle on top. Then, the crop top makes this all a little bit more sexy, but altogether it’s dressy.

I thought of wearing it with a black coat on top, but chose not to because it’s so beautiful on it’s own. So instead, I only added a bag and heels. And above all that: this beautiful golden watch from Triwa. It’s the perfect finishing touch in this look. I must say that I am very happy with the watch for it’s such an eye catcher. This metal masterpiece is bigger than I had expected it to be and I just cannot get enough of it.



Wearing: Missguided top* / Missguided pants* / Boohoo clutch* / Triwa watch* / River Island heels
All items with * were gifted to me
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Photos by my father Piet

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