As September is in full swing, I must say that finally I am getting used to the idea of summer coming to an end. However, as I am writing this I am on a press trip in warm France knowing that the sun will also be by my side when I get back to the Netherlands at the end of the week. So, no sweaters and knitwear for me yet! In fact, I have only just found an amazing pair of new sunglasses and am still shopping some summer items. Why? I’ll tell you…

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So why is shopping for sunglasses at the end of summer a good idea? Well, besides the fact that most sunglasses are on a huge discount, sunglasses are the type of items that aren’t subject to trends as much clothing. Of course, there will be new models of sunglasses next summer but the glasses you buy now will definitely still be cool next year. Besides, it gives me a reason to go on holidays more and let’s not forget that sunglasses are also handy during fall when the sun can still be very bright.

So I chose this pair of sunglasses by Ralph Lauren, since I think that they are timeless but super on trend. It’s big, it’s black, it’s matte and it is not too catchy but sassy enough to give an outfit the finishing touch.

The idea of models not running out of style easily doesn’t only go for sunglasses, but also for watches and most other types of jewelry. Such trends come slowly over the years and lately we’ve gone from big and bold watches to smaller and chiquer ones. That’s why I couldn’t help falling for this watch from DKNY. Also, I love that it has both silver and rose gold details which is why it will match most of my outfits, no matter what other jewelry I’d like to wear besides the watch.

I found both the sunglasses and the watch on this website called Brandfield and I am super happy with these summer-go-autumn newbies! Let me know what you think of my look and how you shop for accessories conveniently.



Wearing: Ralph Lauren sunglasses / DKNY watch / Vintage shorts / ASOS body

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