Years ago, when I just started blogging, I thought about accessories in a totally different way than I do now. I used to see them as extra, while at the same time the “bling bling” period was in full swing and I dedicated loads of time in putting more gold on more gold. How that is different from what I do now. Let me fill you in on the details.






The title of this blog post is double as it is both about how my accessory game changed over time and how the role of a detailed timepiece totally changed fore me. Like I said, when I started blogging, “blinging” was the thing! I had so many chain necklaces and bold bracelets that I sometimes scared off friends when I took them out of my travel bag haha. At that time I didn’t wear watches as I always thought that they were so business-ish and I just wanted to play around with my accessories.

Nowadays I have found a midway in this. And instead of not wearing watches at all, I wear them as decoration. This is quite easy as there are so many beautiful watches on the market. But to make it even more of a statement, I never set my watches to the current time to stress that watches can really be an extra touch to an outfit instead of just something practical. Of course this got me into trouble sometimes when people would ask me what time it is and I would say I don’t know with a beautiful watch around my wrist haha.

In the past few years I seem to have made a habit out of collecting watches and here I am showing you my latest favorite which I found at horloge.nl. It’s an Esprit watch and just in line with all of Esprit’s collections, this watch is very outstanding, but casual at the same time. What I absolutely love about this one is that it has that chain bracelet touch to it, but in such a subtle and delicate way. This watch is super feminine and has beautiful colors. Chique, but so wearable!

Here, I am wearing it with quite a striking sweater, but still the watch gets a lot of attention. I further chose to add some golden rings, which I cannot go without. And just for this time I decided not to go with too much arm candy as I think that this bracelet doesn’t need much. It has so many details all by itself!

Super curious to hear your thoughts on all this. How do you like your watches and the rest of your accessories? A whole lot of arm candy or just a small piece of metal around the wrist?



Wearing: Missguided jumper / Missguided skirt / Esprit watch via Horloge.nl

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