Is it too late for New Year’s resolutions? Never. Everyday we, again, have the chance to change our lives and make the best of it. In order to do so, goals are only practical and resolutions may help us get started. To be honest, I have written my New Year’s resolutions on paper for myself already, but in this post I wanted to share some of it with you too as I always find resolutions so inspiring. Who knows, you might wanna write some yourself too…

2020. It sounds so good, it looks so pretty. I can only imagine it as another amazing year. 2018 an 2019 have been amazing to me. In 2018 I had one of the best summers ever; full of trips with all of my friends and families. In 2019 I found my dream home and learned even more about life and manifesting.

In 2020 I hope to will broaden my intellect on the topic of law of attraction and so create the life I’ve always wanted for myself. On my list, when it comes to goals:

1. Drink more water
I have been saying it for years now: I should drink more water. And every now and then I try. My last attempt to regularly drink water started half a year ago when I tried to loose some weight. I drank 2 liters of water for at least 4 months. However, slowly but surely, it got less and less. I guess I just tend to forget. But here I am again. And this time I’d like to think it’s for real. I will drink 2 to 3 liters water a day, forever.

2. Eat healthy
Don’t get me wrong, I always eat healthy. I choose vegetables over carbs, always. However, in the past few months I have eaten a lot of chocolates, sweets, cookies and all that junk. It was fun, but it didn’t bring me joy when I look at my body. I am ok, but not the best version of myself that I can be. And why would I be ok with that? So from January, 1st I have been doing this “diet” called intermitted fasting. I eat 8 hours of the day, the other 16 hours I am fasting. Besides that, I started with keto as of today. This means I am eating a lot of fats, normal percentage of proteins and only little carbs. Super curious to see what this is gonna do for my body. I must say that it’s not just something I do to lose weight. I have also heard that it’s good for your mental state and energy levels in general. Also, I should probably think about superfoods and supplements, such as Nature’s Happiness, which can really help to achieve peace of mind, better sleep, and also support the gut and overall wellbeing. Let’s see!

3. Be financially free
When I spoke about this goal with a friend of mine I noticed that she had another idea of what this meant than I do. She saw financial independence as not having to rely on her parents if ever she couldn’t make it through the month. When I think of financial freedom however, it goes a few steps further. I see financial freedom as not having to work, as money is flowing in. I know that to a lot of people this sounds like a surreal dream. Well, I’d say: if you can dream it, you can achieve it! So yes, I will be working on a passive income, so I will have more freedom to “work” on the things I love.

4. Travel more
This one is always part of the list. When people ask me about my job, I tell them that I am a travel & fashion blogger. Then they ask me about my hobbies and again I don’t come further than fashion and travel haha. How wonderful it is to have my dream job. For the coming year, I already have some amazing trips planned, or at least in mind. And I hope that some of these will actually be vacations as well. Real ones, where I go under water, not put on make up and forget about pictures and videos.

5. Live with an open heart
This part will probably help me with anything and everything.I admit that in the past few years, I regularly found myself quitting flirting simply because I was too scared. I found myself putting away feelings cause I did not want to be vulnerable. I found myself closing of from people to protect myself. However, I now know that closing your heart cannot save you. Only an open heart can. I know that this may sound very spiritual and it kind of is. However, it also has to do with energy and it’s not just something to believe in; it’s the way life works. I especially mean to live with an open heart when it comes to love. Flirt more, be more assertive and such. But when it comes to living with an open heart, I also intend to smile more, dance more and be present in the moment.

In all of this I intend to be healthy, work on myself, spend time with loved ones and become a better version of myself. I hope all of this is inspiring to you. And if you have anything to add, do let me know!

What are your new year’s resolutions, better yet, your goals for 2020?




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