February. The kind of month in which I would love to just stay inside, warm, in my bed. No expectations, no problems, no cold. Just chilling inside. I bet that I could totally do that: stay inside for one month, as long as hot chocolate and lovely meals are brought to my door regularly. But hey, gotta stay trendy. And this month I would love to introduce you guys to a trend that doesn’t require anything uncomfortable: the pyjama suit!



For those who are new to the trend, a brief introduction: The pyjama trend has been here for a year or so but only few have dared to do something with it. I will be honest with you, I am not one of those people! The pyjama suit is exactly like a pyjama, only, you wear it outside! Don’t ask me what exactly is the difference between the pyjama and the pyjama suit. Besides tailoring I couldn’t think of any other specifications that qualify the pyjama suit to be worn outside.

I know that to a lot of people find this trend is kinda weird, questions being “Why would you wear that outside? What’s so beautiful about it? Why didn’t you just stay in bed?” Well… what can I say? A trend is a trend and my teacher used to tell me that if more than one designer does it, you better believe it!

Personally, I haven’t worn a pyjama suit yet. I own a pyjama jacket which I think is super cool and I would love to wear it to the right event, but I do feel kinda weird about it. In fact, I have already been thinking about ways to style the jacket so it won’t seem like a pyjama jacket anymore. (Question that should rise here is: “Then why did you even buy it?!”).

Sigh. I think that trends like this one aren’t for everyone. Also, if you do decide to wear a trend like this, you should not be waiting for any kind of approval of anyone, cause obviously you’ll only get that from few: the inner fashion circle. So where to wear this? To fashion week in Paris for example… Love to all those who rock this trend with gratitude!

What do you think of it?



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