Another year, another blog year… Although I stated at the end of 2016 that I wasn’t sure where this was going. Will blogs still be around at the end of this year? And which way to go with it? I have listed some tips for you guys to up your blogging game for 2017, taking into account the changes that may come.


1. Stay passionate
The most important succes factor of a blog would have to be the passion that is behind it. I think there is no successful blog that keeps going without the creator being passionate. So many times I have seen blogs have a break cause their creators wanted to go a different way or just didn’t really feel their blog anymore. Some quit, some came back even harder. To keep blogging in 2017 I think that it is first of all important that you can (still) find the passion in your heart for it. And if you don’t? Maybe number 2 of this list will help you further…

2. Explore new ways
Although blogs are super fun (to my opinion still), we cannot close our eyes to new things that are coming. There are so many social media platforms. Think of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook as the biggest. To remain successful as a blogger, or say content creator, we should also look at these media to see if maybe there are new paths for us to walk on. If you decide that Instagram works better for you, of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should quit your blog. After all, you should be passionate about it…

3. Strategies
Which ever way you go, make sure you know where you are heading. In the past I have followed my heart which led me here. Totally fine, I love being where I am today. But if I had been more strategic, I could’ve been way past this. One step at a time, but keep your mind on the road! It’s ok to set goals and make plans to achieve them.

Things that I have mentioned before are consistency and quality. These will always stay important for all creators. I will be back with more in-depth tips on how to make your blog better next month. Subscribe to my email newsletter (in the sidebar) so you won’t miss out!

Good luck guys & let me know if you’d want any other tips.




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