Hi guys. I have been blogging for over three years now and I get asked a lot about why I started a blog. I also get a lot of questions about how to become a good blogger and sometimes I even meet people whom I encourage to start a blog, because I see so much creativity and I think that blogging would help them to spread their inspiring vision. This is why I thought it may be nice to write a bit more about this topic.

So from now on, I will give you guys some tips on blogging from my point of view, at least once a month. But first things first. WHY would you even start a blog? I personally started blogging because it’s a way to explore myself and my style. It also gives me the chance to combine two of my passions: fashion and editing. Now, if you want to start a blog, what things should you be aware of and why may blogging be or not be something for you? Here’s what I think:

Reasons to start a blog:
1. You love your content
What ever content you are writing about (whether it’s fashion, beauty or geometry), it has your total, unconditional interest and you love it so much that you want to scream it out to the world.
2. A space of your own
Because of this passionate feeling for, say, fashion or beauty, you may need a space of your own where you can explore this a little bit more and at the same time share it with other people. A blog is the perfect portal to do so.
3. You are unique.
Ofcourse, we are all unique. But what I really mean is that you have something new to bring to the table. There are so many blogs out there nowadays, that it is very important that you know what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd. I will write more about this topic anytime soon. But if you are thinking about starting a blog: start sorting out what it is that makes you different from all other bloggers already.
4. Networking.
In the end we all want tob e socially involved with people who share the same interests. Having a blog may help you to get to know the scene.
5. You are simply looking for a diary
Ofcourse it is also possible that you want to start a blog, simply because you think it would be fun to keep a diary, so ten years from now you can reminisce on what you used to do, wear, eat etc.

No reasons to start a blog:
1. Free stuff
Yes, bloggers receive a lot of free stuff, from clothing to city trips and invites to the most amazing events. And yes, it’s awesome. But this should not be a reason to start a blog. Cause in the end, this is not what makes you a good blogger and if it’s not your passion, that will show and you won’t be able to pull through simply because you get free stuff.
2. Become a billionaire
First of all, this will not just happen. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, a maid or a stripper. You will have to work very hard to become a billionaire. Keeping your eyes on the prize will not be enough.
3. Become famous
I mean, really?
4. You are hot on instagram
This may sound like I am hating, but this is my honest opinion. I don’t believe that simply because you are hot on instagram, you should start a blog. Cause except from Negin Mirsalehi, I don’t think that everyone who has instagram (which is almost everyone), will be able to run a blog including consistent content.
5. Everybody has a blog
Didn’t your momma teach you “If he jumps into the water, would you jump into the water too?” To which your answer would always be a “No…”?! Well, I know that there are, once again, a lot of blogs out there. And you may feel like your sense of style may not count if you don’t put it out there on a blog, but if you feel obliged to keep a blog, don’t do it! Blogging should always start out as a hobby, never as a habit or a must.

I am very curious about your opinions about this topic. What were reasons for you to start a blog and what do you think of these lists? I would also love to hear any suggestions about other blog tips you would like me to write about! Thank you ☺.


Photo via The Everygirl

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