Zipper details

In this simple look I did something I would normally not do: I combined a blouse with a sweater.

A few months ago I would have said that this is totally not my style, but as with everything I see more often, I started to like this the more I saw it.

And the reason why I eventually felt like I wanted to try it out, is merely because of the zipper detail in the sweater. I thought it would be too easy to wear this sweater simply the way it is. I wanted to put a layer underneath. So here’s my white blouse. I know that this may look like a schoolgirl outfit. So what do you think? Am I ready for class?

Oh by the way, you will get 30% off using code BLOGGERFAN at fecbek.com, in case you want to chase this sweater as well ;-).

Wearing: Fecbek sweater (find here), Abaday blouse, Just female jeans
Photos by Lily

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