I think we all have those days at which we want to do something different:
color our hair, have a tattoo or go somewhere we’ve never been before.
Just try something new, for what ever reason and what ever the consequences may
be. Well, I had that this week. I didn’t only dye my hair with Henna,
I also chose a sweater that I wouldn’t normally wear: this
“I’m so fancy” sweater, which I would normally find too funny to wear.
But this time, I just wanted to try it out and since my boyfriend agreed that it
would be a nice thing to wear, I just ordered it.
Now, there is another thing different here from my other outfits: the lowered
waist. I felt like it’s time to try something else every now and then, so
you won’t see me tucking in every top and sweater forever and ever,
over and over again, wearing high waists.
I do think that I look a little less tall, but this outfit
is worth the loss of optical length.
What do you think?


Wearing: Batoko sweater (find here), Chicwish skirt, Pink Soda shoes (find here), Triwa watch (find here), Loavies earring (find here)



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