Something festive

Wearing: Estradeur skirt, Ipun jacket via Yesstyle (find here), Invito shoes (find here), River Island necklace as head piece

Wow, how time is running fast! It seems like yesterday when I was walking down the
beach in a bikini for the last time, and today… it’s freezy and
almost december! I really wonder sometimes what I do that makes it as though
months are days and hours are just minutes.
So now we are here, and the holidays aren’t that far away anymore.
A great excuse for me to check upon some festive items and score some
shimmering, shiny stuff with maybe even some sequins.
Not only are sequins a lovely way to say “HEY, I am here, let’s party“, it’s
also a trend nowadays and there are so many lovely sequined
tops and bottoms in stores these days.
Here, I went for an all black outfit, with just a touch of shimmers in the
top. These shoes come in a mixture of fabrics, so I thought it
would be fun to play with that and add some more leather, and wool.
The head piece is yet another creative twist, since
it’s actually a necklace. Saw that one coming?
Let me know what you think of this look!

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