You may have seen my previous posts about my TV appearances in the Dutch TV-program “Elke dag een look” (literally A look a day) from Fashionchick on Net 5. Well, sweets… Another season has begun and I am in it again. Let me tell you more about it!

LOOK3-12 LOOK2-13 LOOK2-7 LOOK1-6 LOOK1-26

So for the TV-show a look will be shown daily, telling you what to wear the next day. For example an office look for monday or a party look on friday. How cool, right?

Last season I was one of the wildcard finalists to be on the show and this season around I am in it again. And it is so much fun. I actually receive a lot of comments about it and I really love seeing the looks back on TV. I think it’s a great inspiration to everyone.

The outfits are mostly created by Amanda van Effrink in association with the bloggers (for example moi) to see whether it suits us or not.

These were my first looks for this season. You can find all info here, here, and here. Let me know what you think!



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