I will just be honest with you, I really hate the “I am sorry for not posting frequently blogposts”statement all bloggers seem to use at least once in a while. Cause you never really know if anyone is actually feeling sad about you not posting, and I am really a fan of discipline so no excuses, just post! But here I am not posting as frequent as I did… How come?

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If you follow me on instagram (@larissabruin) you may have noticed that I have been changing my feed. The colors are now a little lighter and serene. I don’t go from forest green to bright pink to happy yellow anymore. And I really love this change; it makes all of my pictures stand out more.

But with my instagram becoming a bigger deal, I tend to forget about my blog sometimes. Oh, and it’s not only instagram that is taking over. It’s also my youtube channel in which I have been investing a lot of time.

“I just need a shot, a shot of love,
a shot of me… for instagram.”

Changes are always for the better, because it seems like I am still exploring to find my own way & voice in those new media channels and it feels good getting that together. But I am also happy when I do find the time to update my blog. So here I am with another cool outfit. Hope you guys like it!



Wearing: Tony Cohen blouse / Vintage jacket / Missguided jeans / Public Desire boots / Rebecca Minkoff bag / Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

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Photos by Mohamed ( Stylemeautivation.com)

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