A new year, a new start. And for some of us: a new wardrobe. Wether it’s because the new year’s resolutions had you lose a few pounds or simply because you are a shopaholic like me. I totally agree that a new year is reason enough to take a look at your wardrobe; clean out the mess and welcome the new. But what to buy these days? It’s still winter-ish, but a new season is only a few months away. What are the must haves of this season that we can expect to transition into the next?



For this article I thought it would be fun to create one look with at least 5 must haves. Although most of these are striking pieces, I am happy that it doesn’t make for a clown-esque ensemble, but rather one big statement of an outfit. To score such variety of amazing items I browsed Kleding.nl, since to me they are like the number one search engine to find basically anything fab. So what did I search for, and what did I find? Let’s go…

The beret
I don’t even know what to write about this accessory as I think that it is such a logical musthave. Personally, I own the beret in several colors, prints, fabrics and designs. Crazy enough I didn’t have a black one yet and I am so happy to have found this one with silver eyelets. I think it would go great with any outfit and I am so luck that this one also works with my curls.

The patent coat (in red)
Red has been thé color for seasons, for years really. And I totally understand why. It works. Always. For everyone! Better yet, these days I see red on red in all types of ways. I even matched my red coat to my red lipstick. One may think that patent red is tricky, but in this look I tried to show you that it can be done in quite a sophisticated way. If you style a coat like this with just black, white and denim you are safe. The coat doesn’t need much more. But for those who think that patent red is way too much just choose a black patent leather jacket and add red lips or another red touch. I don’t know why, I’m just feeling the va va voom of it all.

The lace up leather pants
For this look I was actually looking for the type of leather pants that has lace ups all over the front of the leg. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find one in my size, but here was this one with subtle lace up details on the sides. Score! And to be honest, it doesn’t really matter where the lace up details are situated on the pants I just feel like it’s an upgrade of the basic leather pants of 2017. They are so comfortable that it almost feels as if I am wearing leggings. 2018, here we come.



The hoop earrings
There was a time in which hoop earrings were Not Done. Hoops were kitschy, trashy and seemed to be only for those who couldn’t find balance in their outfits (or life) and had never heard of the “Less is more” principle. Nowadays however, I see that even girls with a minimal style are wearing hoops. Gold, bold and big is the way to go. Although I never really restricted myself when it comes to the size of my earrings or the amount of jewelry I’d wear in one look, I can only embrace the fact that hoops are back in the game.

The slogan tee
Ok. Honestly, we have seen slogan tees since 2012. But under a stack of 5 necklaces or so you’d bring it to a whole different level. Bare with me, I didn’t add any necklaces here as I had to rush this morning, but can we agree that the slogan tee still works? Funny thing is that it doesn’t even matter what the slogan tee is saying.

P.s. This amazing bag may not be listed above, but it’s a total must have, isn’t it?!



Wearing: Neon Rose red patent jacket (similar here) / Asos T-shirt (similar here) / River Island leather pants (similar here) / Glamorous eyelet beret (similar here) / Liars & Lovers earrings (similar here) / Versace Jeans bag (find here)

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