Never really know what to wear to the office? Well then I think that this lookbook may come in handy, cause I have created three looks that may spice up your work life. Let me know what you think!

When it comes to office looks of course we can not go all out, but I think that too many ladies feel obliged to go there in a dull outfit, while actually there are so many fun ways to look decent.


Three tips!

1. Think accessories!
And not just jewelry, but also the scarf for example. This is a huge trend right now and you can either wear it around your neck, your waist or your hair. But if that’s too much, simply tie it around your bag.
2. Colors are your best friend
Since you may not be able to rock denim and all other kinds of fabrics, let alone something sexy. Colors are the best way to express who you are or how you feel. Think of colors that match your skin tone, but also dare to wear something not so ordinary but chique like teal, burgundy, mint green.
3. Shoe fun
If clothes aren’t a way to go for you, then maybe your shoes and heels may be one of a kind. I for one always feel better when I am wearing that extra detail, a new item or just a fun twist. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a clothing piece. It could also be the metallic laces in your shoes or the clip on accessories on the back of your heels.

Let me know what you think of the looks that I created!




Look 1: Vintage blouse / Tehilah skirt / Public Desire boots / Vintage briefcase / Triwa watch

Look 2: A Bad Day blouse / H&M pants / Nelly heels / Lipsy waistcoat / Rebecca Minkoff bag / Triwa watch

Look 3: H&M dress / Steve Madden heels / Moschino bag / Renard watch

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