The perfect way to wear playsuits in the winter

Wearing: Ashanti Brazil playsuit (find here), Takko Fashion coat (find here), Minc double belt (find here), Loavies Hat (find here), Duo Boots

I have been loving this playsuit ever since the summer and now that it is
back in stock on Ashanti Brazil, I just needed to have it.
And I think that the color is perfect for this season!
Although it’s getting colder and colder every day, I found a way
to keep wearing shorts and mini skirts like this: I just put my over the knee boots
underneath it. If it gets even colder, I may wanna consider some tights.
What I love most about this playsuit is de lace decorated hem in the front. It gives
the perfect form to your hips. It’s feminine yet shaping.
I added a black jacket to finish the look. The double belt was the perfect
way to make this look less bulky. This ensemble also needed
a hat. It’s funny how without it, I would have almost looked like a hooker, while
now it is fashionable, totally breathing that Kate Moss-vibe.
Let me know what you think!

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