Chi hairstyling iron review

Wearing: Vero Moda cardigan (more here), Front Row Shop pants, Moschino vintage belt
Hair: Limited edition Chi pink chrome iron

You may have seen the photo of my new Chi hairstyling iron, which I
got via on instagram. Now, I must admit that I was quite satisfied with the
iron that I was using before. That one is part of a Carmen set, that I once
got for my birthday, about ten years ago. (Yes, I have had that one for a loooong long time,
but I don’t straight my hair often so the equipment goes a long way).
However, I was happy to finally replace it and check out the modern day stuff.
And how am I glad to have done so, cause this Chi iron is not only amazing
in it’s looks (bright pink with Swarovski stones); it’s also handy to use.
Although my old iron used to have a regulation function with which I could
decide the temperature, I don’t miss that, cause the Chi iron doesn’t get too hot.
Still, it works perfectly. It gets my hair straight with only a few strokes and
my hair looks like satin: soft, straight and shiny.
I have also tried to make some bigger curls with it, but that didn’t really
work yet. I guess I’m just not good at it. I might have to try that out some more, when I have the time.
For now, I will just keep my hair like this for some days. And
I’m happy to provide you with a 30euro discount on a limited edition Chi pink chrome
styling iron on, using: HATSTOHEELS30.
Let me know what you think!

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