Whoop whoop… The weather is finally getting better here in Amsterdam. The past few weeks it has been so super sunny, I didn’t even understand. Right now I am super confused about what jacket to wear, not sure wether I can put my winter coats away already. Despite that I am totally ready for spring to come and feel so much joy only by thinking of sunny days to come. But there’s yet another reason for my bright smile in these pictures. Does SmileLAB ring a bell? Heard of whitening strips before? Well, I tested these and here I am sharing my (happy) findings with you guys…

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Okay, so first of all… I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke, so I have never been unhappy with yellow or brownish teeth so to say. However, now that I am getting braces (uhh, more about that soon!) I am totally into that “bright and gorgeous”-smile vibe. And let’s be honest, a bright white smile never heard nobody so the whiter the better! However, when I thought of whitening strips I was kinda reserved at first. I mean, I had heard of whitening strips a lot but I am the sissy type, scared of potential pain and reluctant to try.

Eventually I had heard so many good things about it and simply got too curious… So here I found myself testing these whitening strips by SmileLAB. Now what I love about these strips is that they promise whiter teeth within 7 or 14 days, depending on whether you use it once or twice a day. Super fast, right? Since I wanted to go for a quick result, I started with twice a day and I can tell you that the results are even better than I expected.

foto before after smilelab

The strips are super easy to use. One box contains 15 double pouches. Just apply the long strip to the upper teeth and the small one to the lower teeth. Wait 30 minutes and take off the strips. Brush your teeth to remove any residue gel and voilà. I personally saw a difference after one time already! I also saw some white spots on my teeth, but this is normal because of temporary dehydration of the teeth. The spots will go away after a few days and then you’re left with whiter teeth. How amazing is that?

The good news: it only costs 49,95 for a full package, it doesnt hurt, it works fast, it’s easy to use and easy to travel with. The bad news: there is no bad news, there’s even more good news! Haha. If you are from the Netherlands you must be familiar with Etos, which is where the SmileLAB strips can be bought. From March 27th the beauty mania weeks are starting which will give you 25% off. If you are not from The Netherlands, do check out the website for more info on where to buy this product.

Is this something you would use? Or have you tried it? Curious about your thoughts!



In association with SmileLAB
Photos by Meau

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