I’ve got good and bad news for you guys. The bad news is that TK Maxx had been in The Netherlands for months now and I still had not visited the store. I know, you guys have the right to be disappointed in me and I feel the shame through my veins. But let’s go to the good news now: I have finally gone there and especially made my way to the beauty department where I scored the loveliest products for the best prices. A little shop haul is the least I can do right, let’s go…

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For those who don’t know TK Maxx, shame on you cause you are missing out. I feel like I can say that now, cause this shop haul is only the beginning, believe me. But let me fill you in on the details: it’s a retailer that offers amazing designer products against the best prices. So in this case imagine big beauty brands up to 60% cheaper than the RRP (Recommended Retail Price). Yes, that was indeed a huge shocker for me too but reason to celebrate and shop!

I spent a little over 90 euro in total and still cannot believe all the stuff I found for that price. Let’s start with the item I had been looking for for a long time now, which is the 2 in 1 cleaning brush that I scored for only €12,99! I have seen so many beauty bloggers using this product for their face and while looking at these videos I could only imagine how good it would feel to use the brush and intensely cleanse my face while feeling like I am having a massage. Amen!

Then I also found this set of small nail polishes (€12,99, normally €35!) which is too cute to say the least. And besides that my haul was completed with beautiful brushes (€16,99), lipgloss (€2,99), hydrating body oil (€5,99) and one of my favorite fragrances (€39,99). Please note that all of these items are from leading and noted brands!

Since these items are subject to availability and stock is being renewed daily, one can never know what to expect and what to find. All the more reason to go there regularly. In The Netherlands you’ll find TK Maxx In Groninge, The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. To me, it’s worth the short trip from Amsterdam for all these bargains.

Hope you liked my shop haul!



All items via TK Maxx

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