It’s time for another “how to wear” lookbook. You guys may wonder how I come up with a new subject every time around, well, it’s easy… Sometimes I don’t even know how to wear something myself and then decide to experiment with some different looks to see what works. And sometimes, just sometimes, this brings together a new lookbook…


So this lookbook is all about how to wear the oversize T-shirt dress. Some of you may argue that a T-shirt dress doesn’t really exist and it’s more like a long T-shirt, which should definitely be worn with pants. Well, I don’t agree. Here are some of my rules as when it comes to “T-shirt dressing”…

1. Two finger rule
Ever heard of the two finger rule? This fashion rule states that a dress should always fall at least two fingers underneath one’s crotch. In other words: it should be long enough to bend over without issues. And that, also goes for the T-shirt dress of course. I think it should be short but comfortable.

2. Boots vs legs
Since this dress is short (see under rule 1), you will be able to show either legs or boots. That’s why I like to wear T-shirt dresses like this with over knee boots or bare legs. I mean, there is room enough to plat with fun details and cool patterns so a nice pair of heels or boots are definitely a go!

3. Dress it up
There is one bug disadvantage to the T-shirt dress, which is that it can come across as pajamas. Haha. And I guess that’s not the look you are going for when dressing for the day?… To chiquen up one can choose heels or bold accessories like a fun bag, a hat or jewelry. Anything that says “I am ready to go beyond the mailbox today”.

Curious about your thoughts!



More info about what I am wearing in my youtube description

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