Getting older (oh no did she really say that?!) I am starting to realize the value of things that last. High end brands become more interesting to me and so do sustainable materials. That’s why I got really excited when I found this new shop called My Bendel that sells super cute and stylish jewelry pieces that have amazing quality but are still affordable. In this post I will tell you a little bit more about the pieces that I found and I am also sharing some fun giveaway news with you…

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So as I work in fashion, I always find it extremely important to look the part. However, I fail big time sometimes. We all know the case in which you’d be walking around with the zipper down; common problem I’d say and people will always bare with you. Then there’s the blunder of coming from the toilet with your skirt tucked into the back of your underwear. Less common and fortunately not something I have ever experienced.

But there is one big fail that I have too often been guilty of: green fingers. I am not talking about my love for nature and agriculture. NO. I am talking about a serious problem, called “wanting to wear 5 rings at once knowing that half of them will give off a green color as soon as they contact water”. Yup. Classic problem, but I reckon most of you have already dealt with the issue by simply not buying nonsense jewelry anymore. Well, since I love jewelry so much I felt like the only way to feed my addiction is by alternatively buying cheap vs expensive jewelry pieces. Will I finally come to my senses now that I have written down this sherade of shade about my self?

Maybe. Cause like I said in the introduction, I am on the look out for better quality in everything I buy. When it comes to jewelry, luckily, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I should buy designer instead of mainstream brands. But how happy am I to find new, promising brands that know how to bring together the perfect mix of quality, style & affordability!

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In this post I am showing you one of those brands, which my eye has fallen on only just a month ago. To come to their lovely jewelry pieces My Bendel uses ceramics and stainless steel which makes for the ultimate value for money. I am specifically in love with the “L O V E” necklace and I love the bracelet as I think it will look so good with in my arm stack. Also gotta love the deep golden color and the fact that it will never turn green haha.

Let me know how you like to buy your jewelry pieces and what do you think of these My Bendel goodies? Yay or Yaaaay?

Ps. My Bendel is now hosting a lovely giveaway in which you are able to win a photoshoot for two. 10 chances to win, so definitely have a look over here for more information!



All items via My Bendel

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