Need a break? I guess we all have those moments sometimes at which we’d just wanna throw ourselves on the bed and not come out for a few days. I am tending towards that at this very moment and while looking at these wonderful pictures of my time in Italy, I thought it could be helpful for everyone to realize and recognize when it’s time for that step back…





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Ok, let’s go… 5 signs you need a break (and excuses to take some time off)

1. No energy
When you feel like you aren’t as happy as you used to be and you feel less energetic than normal, it’s time to sit back and think for a second. Clearly, you’ve been missing something in your life as happiness doesn’t just come spontaneously. Don’t be scared to think go what you have been missing cause that brings you to how to get it back…

2. Vicous circle
You’ve been through hard times and although you are out now, you are still so negative. You don’t know where it’s coming from, but you just feel like you are not being yourself and what the heck, you don’t even care cause everything is stupid anyway. Hmmm… that sounds like a vicious circle. And there is only one way to get out: get out. Think positive and do something you weren’s planning to do or don’t feel like doing at all. Yes, do it anyway! Go out with friends, go to the movies, break the circle!

3. No sleep
Sleepless nights familiar? Even though you are so tired and stressed you still can’t fall asleep at night, cause hey, there is so much to think about! Breathe in, breathe out. Slowly and through your tummy, not your breast. You will find rest and hopefully some sleep.

4. Mistakes
You start forgetting stuff and get all worked up. You make mistakes you never made before, mistakes that even little kids wouldn’t make. Well, honey, you need a break!

5. Emotional breakdowns
You are doing nothing in particular and only the smallest thing goes wrong and you find yourself crying. Welcome to the world of women, men would say. Haha. But this is not a “haha” moment, cause you don’t recognize yourself in that spirit of being the cryer. Honey, you need a break!

Why am I writing this? Well, to be honest. None of these things is applicable to me at the very moment, but I do feel very stressed and I know that this must be true for a lot of other fulltime bloggers as well. In my blogtips I give you guys tips about better blogging, so why not write down some life skills as well? I’m not a blog or life guru, but I thought I’d just give it a spin since I want to incorporate my psychology study in my blog as well.

Seeing these pictures in which I was having a short break from the fashion week hectic, makes me think of even busier days. I mean, the holiday season is super busy, but imagine what three fashion weeks is like. So that’s why I accompanied these photos from some “signs that you need a break” and my ultimate tip would be: take some days off at a resort or remote area. No phone, no internet, just you! Cause that really helped me out…

In these photos I was at the Mira Mare Appartments in La Spezia, Italy. That’s a recommendation. More about my review here.



Wearing: Ana Alcazar dress / Sacha shoes / Zero Vintage sunnies


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