So while it’s getting colder and colder outside, I still wanted to share this look with you guys. In line with the previous two posts in which I told you about my time off in Italy. These photos were also taken down in La Spezia, right in front of the Mira Mare apartments where I stayed. And I did something kinda tricky…



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I am very happy to live in the year 2015, cause nowadays there aren’t so many rules about how to dress and style your items. You want to go bombastic and colorful? That’s nice! Rather something minimalistic? That’s fine too. So, whatever you wear, it’s alright as long as it is matched together in a tasteful manner.

Well, that’s the tricky thing I did in this look. I matched red to red. I know that my mom always used to talk about how you cannot match one red color to another one for it would clash. Well… What if you have two items that look so good together, and have the same color but are made out of a different fabric which is why they look slightly different?

My chiffon pleated wide leg trousers and my suede look vest… I chose to simply match them. I first tried this on a doll, then I got jealous of the doll and decided I should just rock it. There, in Italy I tried it for the first time and I am actually very happy with the result.

What do you think?



Wearing: Missguided pleated trousers / TTYA top / Missguided (similar) vest / H&M heels / Vintage earrings

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