A few months ago I first told you guys about my pride and joy, my white little angel, my bundle of happiness or shortly: my car, a Toyota AYGO which I styled in accordance to my fashion sense. And this spring and summer I have had the chance to really enjoy myself with it. Up until now it has been so much fun to just be able to go anywhere I like whenever I like. But above all, it’s so funny to experience how this car really matches with me on so many levels. Let me tell you all about it…

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Originally, I come from a small town where public transport was such a hurdle. Buses only drive twice per hour so when you miss one you know that you will run at least half an hour late. Now that I live in Amsterdam I have felt happy to be able to take the bus, tram or any other type of public transport as they go every 5 to 10 minutes. Whilst sitting in a bus, I would be able to edit an instagram photo or send out emails and such. You’d think that it has it’s advantages until you find the ultimate form of freedom which I would like to call self transport.

This summer a lot has changed. I bought a new bike, which truly seems to be a blessing as I can now go anywhere at anytime. I’ve noticed that this is often much faster than the bus or tram as there is no waiting game and I don’t have to walk from the stop to my location. Also, I seem to lose a few pounds and I get to see a lot more of Amsterdam when I ride my bike. Love it!

But whenever I go outside Amsterdam (ok and sometimes around the city as well), I have my car. I had not expected for myself to love it this much. I really used to be this girl that was afraid to drive through busy cities and over the highway, but nowadays I truly love it. I simply connect my Spotify to my music installation, take down my sunroof and I enjoy the wind through my curls as I drive downtown or up the highway. OMG. The freedom it gives me… I cannot describe the feeling!

Fun part of all this is that I often post photos with my car which is why my car itself seems to become more popular than I am. “Did I see you driving in East yesterday?” “Hey, was that you who just passed me by at the station?” Like I told you in my previous post I had the chance to design this car myself: white, with a black X, red accents and a black sun roof. I guess it’s these personal details of my car that have people recognizing it.

Yup, so far it has really been fun to experience the freedom and fun fashion vibes of this car and I cannot wait to take this whitey into the fall and winter. Maybe I should even spice up the personalization by adding some fluffy white cushions to the decor?

What do you think of personalizing your car and making a fashion statement with it? Read all about my ideas and how I got to this at Toyota’s website.




In collaboration with Toyota Nederland

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