Ok. Summer is officially over now and I would almost be sad, but I am not. Cause 1. I totally look forward to winter. And 2. after winter comes summer again! Haha. Like I told you in a previous post about my last minute trip to Mallorca, it can be great to go on a summer holiday at the end of the summer. But this time I may already get oriented in advance, cause after all the earlier you book, the cheaper it is! For example, easyJet tickets for spring and summer (March, 25th – September, 2nd) are released today for the sharpest prices so this is the moment.


From Amsterdam easyJet flies to wonderful sunny places such as Portugal, Italy, Greece (and basically every mediterranean hot spot!) as well as metropolises such as London. Last year I went there several times, for New Year, for fashion week and for several press trips. This year I think I will be visiting London during the summer as there are so many festivities yet to explore. Below I will be listing the main cultural activities and sights that one cannot miss out on.

1. Soho
If there is one good timing to visit London’s Soho area it would have to be spring. Walk through Carnaby and don’t be afraid to step into some small alleys as these will often bring you to nice restaurants such as Dirty Bones, where just outside you will find a cute little terrace in the midst of all hotspots. Soho is also the place to be for boutique shops where you’ll score not only designer stuff but original souvenirs and fashion pieces as well.

2. Notting Hill Carnival
From August 25th until August 28th West London will come to live with one of the biggest street festivals in Europe: Notting Hill Carnival. This is basically a huge Caribbean party with lots of music, dancing, entertainment, good food and a bubbly ambiance. Find a good spot from where you can watch elaborate floats and carribean dancers in the carnival parade and I bet you you’ll have a weekend like never before.



3. Outdoor fun
When the sun’s out in London, it is really amazing what fun activities there can be done outdoors. Some are  even free. Try to catch an open-air film screening or an outdoor theatre show for example. You’ll find London’s best outdoor productions at venues as world-famous as Shakespeare’s Globe, in parks as pretty as Regent’s Park or at festivals like Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. And speaking of outdoor fun, do not miss out on rooftop restaurants such as Aviary and Babylon.

4. Beach fun
As if above mentioned outdoor activities aren’t enough, London my friends, also has some lovely beaches and outdoor pools for us to explore. Urban beaches so to say. My favorite is Brixton Beach as it brings about a Cuban flavor. Other nice ones are The Beach Bar in Bloomsbury and Neverland in Parsons Green. An outdoor pool you cannot miss is the Hillingdon Outdoor Pool or the Serpentine lake.

5. Shopping & Sale
Last but not least, and one of the main reasons I visit London quite frequently: shopping! I find that London is the closest place to Amsterdam where one can go shopping and find things that no one else in The Netherlands owns. That’s why I love online shopping so much. But hey, if tickets are cheap and there is so much to do, I might as well visit the streets of London myself and wander around Oxford Street, Bond Street and Bricklane and other vintage areas. Personally, I get extra excited about the sale of Topshop, which usually starts at the beginning of August.

I will just admit that I really got myself excited about all this here. If you miss me on social media today, it’s probably because I am digging into the cheap flight options that were just released, haha. I hope this inspired you. Do let me know if I missed any London hotspots. Are you already looking for cheap flights for the summer as well?



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