Christmas is just around the corner. And besides the usual, you might wanna give your boyfriend (and perhaps your dad and brother) something nice and unique. Well, I’ve selected a top 5 of items. Hope it helps you out.

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Ok, so before I go on with this gift guide , I must admit that I selected these items for my boyfriend and already gave it to him during Sinterklaas which is a Dutch National Holiday that also allows you to buy gifts for people and act like someone else brought them (what’s the fun in that by the way?). So, since your boyfriend will “secretly” know exactly that you are the one to thank for his presents, you want to buy something nice. These items are adjusted to my boyfriends preferences, but I bet that for some of you these tips will come in handy as well, besides the easy way fragrances and boxershorts. Let’s go!

1. Personalized denim
On top of this list, of course, had to be something personal and fashionable. For instance, I bought this beautiful denim blouse from Pepe Jeans and had it customized in store. This is something that can be done in all stores all over the world. And the possibilities are endless! You could even have a portrait of your own face lasered upon his back pockets or the sleeve. In this case I went for dots on the pockets of this denim blouse.

2. A city trip
If you are able to spend a little more, you could go with a city trip. Me and my boyfriend really like traveling, so I bet that he would’ve been very happy with tickets to another city in Europe. But to be honest, in fact, that’s what he gave me haha. But hey, didn’t wanna keep this great idea from you! And of course you don’t have to go all overboard with this. Two nights in another city in your own country could do as well!

3. A watch of his choice
Again, if you are a big spender. A gift that is just a little more expensive could also be a beautiful watch. And if you buy a unisex watch from Triwa like this one right here, you actually spoil yourself a little too, cause you could borrow it from him. That’s what I call smart gifting!

4. Gymdigo
You know how your boyfriend loves to chill on the couch with his joggings on? Personally, I don’t carry hatred for joggings, but for the ones who do, this may be the solution: jogging jeans. They look exactly like denim, but to him it will feel like joggings. My boyfriend told me he doesn’t want anything else anymore!

5. Happy socks
Easy and not too expensive: socks! My boyfriend often wears a suit to his job, which is why he likes his socks to be just a little more extraordinary. After all, this is the only thing he can vary in, so he loves them bright and happy. That’s why happy socks are thé ultimate gift for a guy like my boyfriend.

I hope you guys are inspired. Let me know what you got your boyfriends. Believe me, I can keep a secret!


In these photos: Pepe Jeans gymdigo jogging skinny jeans / Pepe Jeans denim blouse / Triwa watch / HappySocks socks

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