I only just got back from a day trip to Vienna, which you can see some pictures of on my instagram account, but I am already on the look out for new trips. In particular, trips to sunny places. I guess it’s the time of the year… And so I am making a throwback to last summer when I was in Italy. Let me tell you all about it…


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Last September I had a crazy fashion week schedule, which consisted of 4 days London Fashion Week, 3 days in Milan and 2 days in Paris. In between Milan and Paris me and my boyfriend took some time off to relax. And where better to do that than in Italy?

I had never been to Italy before and had heard a lot about Cinque Terre, which stands for “five grounds” and refers to the 5 little towns that the Cinque Terre area is made up off: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. I had been looking for a hotel to stay in one of these places, but everything seemed completely booked. Lucky me! Cause when I started looking at other places near to Cinque Terre, I found this residence which I fell in love with completely.

Just outside the Cinque Terre area, you’ll find La Spezia, a small city at the head of the Gulf of La Spezia. And there, on the top of a mountain is this wonderful residence with 10 amazing rooms, apartments and suites that provide you with a breathtaking view over the sea in a lovely neighborhood. I am talking about Mira Mare Apartments.

I was invited to stay there for 6 nights; just enough to get by and certainly enough to make beautiful pictures and write you guys a review. Let’s go…

Location: 9,5
Although the apartment is situated at the top of a mountain and there are only few supermarkets in the neighborhood, this is thé place to be if you are looking for a quiet getaway. The surroundings are wonderful and since the apartments offer you everything you need, this is the ultimate getaway from all buzz of the touristic Cinque Terre.
Room: 9,5
Let’s be honest. We are not talking about a room here. We had 1 living room and 2 bedrooms plus a lovely bathroom. There is also the possibly of renting one of the hotel rooms. I’ve seen them and can say that these are also quite spacey. But let’s stick to our apartment: that one felt like home. It is beautifully decorated and has a lot of windows which I am a huge fan of cause you can enjoy the view from indoor as well as outdoor. Still, you have a lot of privacy for this is a private terrace.
Ambiance: 10
I could not wish for anything else when I was there. The city lights on the mountains, the private terrace with a wonderful view both during the day and the evening, a lovely tub, birds tjilping in the morning, butterflies at the pool. It’s a summer dream…
Food & Drinks: –
This is not a hotel, so there are no waiters and waitresses who will take your order. You are responsible for bringing your own food and drinks. I bet that if these were supplied it would be an amazing deal, but one would have to bare in mind that there are not a lot of supermarkets nearby.
Facilities: 8
There is a swimming pool and the apartments have everything one could really need when taking some time off. Any more facilities (think a spa or a tennis court) would take away the peace that comes along with this wonderful apartment.
Service: 10
Our hostess welcomed us in a very personal manner. She is the sweetest Italian woman I know, for sure. Not only to us, but to everyone in the residence. It feels like bringing a visit to your favorite aunty, haha. Also, she knows everything from the neighborhood and took us to a lovely Italian nearby, called Hosteria al Leon d’Oro, where we had the loveliest Italian meal ever. The housekeepers are very sweet as well, it’s excellent.
Recommendation rate: 9
I would definitely recommend going to Mira Mare apartments, especially because of the wonderful surroundings and the fact that this place asks of you to really just relax. The Liceo apartment is breathtaking, but even “just a room” would give you all you need, and those have a beautiful terrace as well!


Mira Mare Apartments
Via della Lizza, 23
19132 La Spezia

More information about the apartments can be found here
Photos by me and Reinder

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