How to get more collaborations? I know that must be a question popping up to your mind a lot of times. How do you find people to work with and how do they find you? I’ll give you 5 tips from my experience…

In an earlier post I discussed the matter of approaching brands for collaborations or to wait for them to find you. I also wrote about 5 things to consider before you do or do not start a collaboration, but how do you even find people to work with and how will they find you? Personally, I do not do a lot of acquisition myself, if only for the fact that I am too busy and brands seem to find me themselves which puts me in a better business position. How to get there?

1. Activity & visibility
For brands to find you it is, logically, important that you are visible. And how do you get visible? Well, for one thing it is important that you are active on a lot of platforms and gain followers and engagement while there. Just like followers, brands can find you through popular pages and by seeing your pictures and knowing that you are active on a daily basis they can decide that you are interesting for them. Lookbook and instagram really help for instance.
2. Brand yourself
Now, once they’ve spotted you you want them to feel like you could be of importance to them. Way to go is branding yourself. Why should they work with you? Make content that is interesting to buy. A lot of people ask me how I make money if I don’t have any or barely banners on my blog; it’s about content. Brands do not only want photos that fit your feed, they might also want to share it and they will only be able to do so if it is of a high quality that matches their brand.
3. Offline connections
It’s funny how this fashion world actually seems to be a small one. And even funnier is how I sometimes roll into collaborations via people I had never known to become interesting for my blog. For example, friends of friends who suddenly work at PR agencies, old classmates who are into media, or even neighbors (who have friends that have friends). As stated by one, everyone should know who you are and what you do. That’s why I always share my successes on my personal Facebook. This has helped me out a lot already, cause those 800 friends will have me at the top of their minds when they hear the words “bloggers wanted”.
4. Be professional
Once you are in contact with brands, you need to be professional. Don’t be shy, don’t be insecure. They actually want you! So go ahead, sell your stuff! Be proud of what you have and find a professional way to showcase this. This could be 1: in words, clearly communicating your statistics and what you could mean to them or 2: in a mediakit that shows a brand everything they need to know about you in one overview. Being professional also means that you know how to communicate about budgets. Care to read about that some more? Let me know, so I can write a post on that too.
5. Have them coming back for more
Can I get an encore? Yes, you can! If you do it right. Number 4 “be professional” of these tips is very important in this case. Another important matter is to communicate through out the complete collaboration and afterwards. For example, if you’ve published the pictures on your blog or social media: send over the photos, the links, a few quotes from followers about how they liked and don’t forget to mention that you loved the collaboration and would be happy to continue sometime soon.

Let me know what you think of these tips. Are you already incorporating these or did you learn something? And what else do you wanna learn more about? Good luck guys!




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