Photos first! Isn’t that the number 1 rule for every blogger whenever it comes to a social event? I admit that I sometimes put my photos first, above food for example. I thought it would be fun to sum up these habits in one pos. For us all to agree and maybe take a look at ourselves in the mirror and sigh… then do it all over again *wink wink!

Ok, let’s go!

1. Photos first!
Making photos and snapchat videos before eating your food in a restaurant. Don’t touch! Unless, you’re styling…
2. Feed policy
Whenever you post a photo to instagram, you first check out whether or not it fits your feed. Two red tented photos next to each other? Nahh! Or YEAY, if it’s the look you’re going for…
3. Best friends with the post man
Checking your postbox is something you do automatically, simply because you expect there to lay a few notices from postmen in your box saying he’ll come back tomorrow or that your package was delivered at a neighbor’s.
4. Fanmail
Reading comments and smiling all the wile when you go through your instagram or blog.
5. Can’t get enough
This one sounds cocky, but don’t we all check out our photos, feed and blogposts 10 times a day, not to think of how nice our photos are but just to check if everything is fine: the text, the anchors, the smileys.
6. Planning problems
Stress is one of your best friends, especially when it comes to scheduling blog & instagram posts and attending event after event.
7. Where? Wi-Fi? Where?
Whenever you are abroad, or for some even when they are in their own country, always on the look out for Wi-Fi…
8. Never a dull day (or night!)
As a blogger you are always busy. This also means working until 2 a.m. sometimes, just to make a blogpost or schedule you social media accounts.
9. Talking to the camera
Ofcourse we all make selfies a lot and this means that we bond with that thing called our self phone. And sometimes you talk to it, vlogging mostly…
10. Changing anywhere
When you photograph several looks on one day, you learn to change clothes pretty much everywhere. Behind bins, fences, under a shed, in small corners… no shame!

Let me know if I missed something, and maybe I’ll do a part two soon. On which one do you agree the most?



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