People often ask me where I find inspiration for my blogposts. What do I write about and why did I choose to write about it? Is it hard to come up with new stuff? Yes, it is sometimes! And here I would like to give you some advise about how to come up with new blogposts.

Ok. I must be honest. I mostly write about my outfits, so it’s not that hard to come up with new blogposts when I have so many collaborations sending me the coolest stuff over to create outfits with and put it on my blog. However, I also try to write about other things. Lifestyle and travel for example. And then, it can sometimes be hard to think of the subject… I may have photos but still wonder what to write about it. So how to come up with new ideas?

1. What you like is good enough
One thing to always keep in mind is that your blog is your blog, your personal blog, which means that anything you like is worth posting about. Not only is it worth posting about, for you yourself this will be the easiest way to keep up with your blog.
2. Inspire with what you’re inspired by
The people who read your posts are probably people with the same interests. You don’t always have to translate your own inspiration into something new before you post it on the blog. Sometimes you’re just not that far yet. Sometimes you just find things amazing, without knowing what you want to do with it. So, why not go ahead and post that? I do this with my “Touch of tumblr” posts.
3. Browse fashion/inspiration forums
Check out pinterest, tumblr and instagram to get inspired. I often find myself scrolling through pages getting soaked in inspiration. It could be handy to take some time off of your computer afterwards to just let it all sink in. You’ll find that in a few days you’ll be thinking more freely and blog ideas will come up easily.
4. Structure your posts
Ever since I started blogging there has been this one rubric that always comes back, called “this month’s love goes out to…” which is about a certain fashion trend. Two years ago I had a monthly series which gave a look into my friends’ wardrobes and last year I blogged about “boyfriend material” (a menswear trend post), while this year I started the “Blog tips” series. This helps me to at least have two fixed subjects per month.
5. Look into Google Analytics
Embrace the information that’s on the internet already. If you’ve been blogging for a while and you use google analytics, it’s easy to check out which of your blogposts are read often and which of your blogposts received the most positive reactions. Clearly, this is what you should write about more.

If anything, you could always ask your readers what they want to know more about… Which is exactly what I’m doing right now. What blog subject would you guys learn more about? I will look into it and try to give you tips from my point of view. Good luck!

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