I could not have thought of a better blog tips theme than this one today as I am super busy and you may have noticed that I post less regular than ever. I am so sorry for that, but I bet that you guys totally understand as we all have those times at which we are trying to juggle with social life, work and what not. So here I am, writing down some tips on how to keep up your blogging game when you are busy. These tips are meant for you guys as well as for myself haha…


Not being able to keep up with three blog posts a week had me thinking: time for an evaluation of where it goes wrong and what could help. So I am not just writing this down, I will also practice.

1. Step back, relax, re-love
Now that I tend to slack, I also tend to miss my blog. So my first tip: if you are having a busy period or if you don’t feel like blogging (writer’s block or so), take a step back. Sometimes it’s good to pause and relax so you can come back with something better. Once you’re back in your zen vibe, you will notice that blogging becomes easier. The inspiration and words just seem to come your way, just watch! I have missed my blog intensely and it feels good to finally be writing again.

2. Schedule
Okay, so, imagine a busy week. From monday to friday you are fully occupied with school, work, social life and the whole she-bang. OOPS. What to do with the blog? Well, there are always some days on which you are a little less busy. Take those days to make a pile of blogposts; write in batches. With wordpress it is super easy to schedule a post. For example you could create three blog posts on saturday and have them posted in the next week on monday, wednesday and friday. Voila, here is your structure!

3. Have a system
When it comes to your content, there are certain ways to speed up the process. For example you could use some headline formulas and write an outline. When it comes to pictures, you could decide to make less pictures so you’ll have less to choose from and then find easy and fast ways to edit the pictures. If you have a certain system that works for you, stick to it. If it doesn’t work, create a new system.

4. Find & write down inspiration anywhere
I’ve noticed that ideas for my content doesn’t always come my way when I am behind my laptop. I could be in the subway and come up with great ideas. Jot down your inspiration and ideas when they come and later work them out (with your system – point 3) to a complete blogpost.

5. Outsource
When everything else fails, think of outsourcing. Guest posts or hiring an editor are good options, especially when your blog has a lot of traffic.


For now, I don’t think I want guest writers, so I hope that the other 4 tips will work for me to keep you guys up to date regularly. Let me know what you think of this posts and if you have any other tips to add to this list.




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