Ok, so earlier I gave you guys tips about how to start a blog and why. Also I gave you some insights on how to handle money business when it comes to blogging. Now it’s time to look at the product itself. What should a good blog post look like? Let me tell you what I think…


When is a blog post a good blog post? Let’s dig into that…

1. Kill your darlings
One of the first things I learned during my fashion study was the phrase “kill our darlings”. At the time I didn’t know what it meant, but I loved it as soon as it came out of the mouth of my teacher. Nowadays I think it’s a well known idea to kill your darlings, meaning that you should choose the best only. For example choose your ultimate photos, kill the other photos. This often means that you will have to throw away good stuff. But if you choose the best and only the best, then that is what you will radiate. So kill your darlings. Normally I think that 5 to 8 photos would do for a post. All extras are crap and too much of the same.

2. Text is key
Although photos are extremely important these days (no one seems to be impressed by just words anymore), I’d always advice to write on your blog besides just posting photos. One of the most important reasons why I would keep on blogging although instagram and snapchat are taking over, is that text is the way to go for google. And google darling, is not something we can deal without just because we’ve got instagram. Instead, we also want to actually know things and look things up. Instagram doesn’t give that option. So think of the words you use as terms that can be looked up on google and actually spell them out in your texts. “How to create the ultimate blog post” is just a simple example, haha.

3. Catchy content
Now besides the fact that you are writing, also try to make it interesting. Write about what you think would be nice to read about. Think of a catchy title, hand out tips (preferably enumerated), use interesting quotes, write about topics we are all interested in etc. And then dig into that.

4. Make it interactive
If you can, try to activate your readers. This is easily done with giveaways, but also by simply asking them to let you know what they think of a certain subject. Another way to activate your audience is by sending them to other posts of yours. This will also help optimize your SEO.

5. Series always last
Now when you’ve created that wonderful blogpost, of course you’d like your readers to come back every once in a while to read more, right? Why not make a blog series about a certain subject. For example, I’ve had blog posts about menswear, my friends’ wardrobes, and what not. It will help you through the month if you don’t know what to write about and your readers might get attached to what you do.


What tips would you add to these? Curious to know! Also feel free to leave questions about what you’d like to read for my next blog tips post!



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