When I started my blog over 4 years ago I did not know whát I was starting. (Never would I have known where it would go either, I mean, blogging becoming a job? Crazy!) And at the very beginning this also meant that I did not own the right equipment by any means. After all, at first I was just trying out blogging to see whether or not I liked it. I would almost be ashamed to say that back then I was using a 5 mega pixel digital camera from a random brand I don’t recall. Happy to tell you that as the years have gone by, my equipment has broaden and nowadays I feel like I own the right attributes to live up to my standards. Which camera(s) have replaced my starter digi cam? Let’s dig into it…

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1. The Canon EOS 60D
When I decided to start blogging structurally and take it to another level, I immediately realized that I needed a new camera. I had asked some professional photographers for tips. Nikon or Canon? What lens? What shop to go to? Eventually I went with the Canon EOS 60D after being advised that this was a semi-professional camera which would definitely be good enough for the moment, as the mega pixels were better than the 100 or 1000 series, whilst the price was way friendlier than the actual professional cameras. This camera is used by high end amateurs and business people.

One of the main reasons that I took the 60D, is because of the tilting screen, which can be very handy when you are making videos or photos on your own. I have been very happy with this camera as it does it’s job perfectly, but I must say that at the moment I do not use it much anymore, since I have a new camera that meets my needs just a bit better…

2. The Olympus PEN E-PL7
My blog started as a fashion blog, but is now growing to a lifestyle and travel blog more and more. This is one of the main reasons why I need a camera at hand at all times. The ones of you that have a Canon, will agree with me that it’s not always the handiest cam to take along because of the weight and to be honest, it doesn’t fit in any of the handbags I am wearing these days haha. That’s why I am so happy with the compact Olypus PEN E-PL7. I first spotted this camera on a fair a while ago and I must say that I’ve had my eye on it ever since. Isn’t this the cutest camera out there?!

I had the chance to try it out for a while and came to the conclusion that the quality of it’s photos is at least as good as the ones my Canon makes. The colors are bright and with different types of lenses (for example the 42mm) you can create the most wonderful pics. But what I really love about the Olympus is that there are so many fun features to it as well. Think of filters and such. I will dig into this deeper in a next post. For now let’s go by saying that I have kissed some frogs to get to my prince. But I am very happy with where I am today haha: working with this compact cutie.

What cameras do you guys use for your blog? Also let me know if there’s any more tips you’d need concerning photography and vlogging.



Photo by me
In the photo: Olympus PEN Camera E-PL7

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