“… one can only expect an amazing masterpiece” is how I would finish this sentence. And I guess that after seeing the wonderful digital art pieces in this post you might agree with me. Let me fill you in on the details behind these items.

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A few months ago I was approached by this super nice artist SpARTakos from Greece, who enthusiastically told me about his work. The artistic name SpARTakos is drawn from Spartacus, the heroic figure from the region Thrace, where the artist was born and raised. Being a self-developed visual artist he is now known for a wide variety of art works from woodwork to acrylic paintings and fine art photography. Reading his email I kinda got enthusiastic myself as well, cause I always find it very inspiring to meet people who radiate so much positivity and creativity.

Like SpARTakos says himself, he has been experimenting with different materials and techniques as a way to express the things that cannot be said in words. Nowadays SpARTakos creates his images using photography and digital manipulation and says to believe that printing is part of the creative process. Well ain’t I happy that he also decided to put his prints on fashionable pieces, cause I have so much respect for the results of his aesthetic work. The assortment really intrigued me, so we decided to collaborate.

The bright red top that I am wearing here is one of the first garments from SpARTakos’ collection and I chose this one for the vivid colors that fascinated me. The scarf that I am wearing on my head in these pictures brings about yet a totally different vibe, but is also so catchy. I had a lovely time photographing these pieces, cause it wasn’t hard to capture the beauty of it. The individual pieces really make a statement and I hope to bring these pieces to life even more, wearing it on a regular base.

I am super excited to hear your thoughts!



Wearing: SpARTakos T-shirt & scarf / Missguided flare pants / Asos belt / ThisIsLove dress
Find more info about the artist Spartakos here

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