Okay, so now that we know how much money to ask for a blog post, maybe it would also be nice to discuss some other ways to earn money. Cause let me tell you, there are so many possibilities! Let’s dig into it…

How to earn money with your blog? In this blog post I will write about 5 ways to earn money blogging.

1. Sponsored posts
Like I discussed in my previous post, which was all about how much money to ask for a blogpost, one could earn money by blogging through sponsorships. Imagine this as a brand that will send you products which you will write a review or say about and for this they will pay you a certain amount, mostly a fixed fee. Nowadays this is also done a lot with instagram. I think it’s the nicest way to earn money, since it gives the blogger the opportunity to write his or her own content and make it personal.

2. Affiliate programs
As the definition describes an affiliate program is an automated program where advertisers can recruit publishers to add banners or links to their website. The publisher earns a commission of the sale when a visitor buys something via that link or banner. This used to not be my favorite type of earnings, but nowadays I have found some nice affiliate kinda programs that don’t make it spammy but are actually very informative to my readers. Besides, it’s always important to only add banners from advertisers that actually match your website and audience.


3. Sell your stuff
Besides selling content, you can of course sell items yourself. I am very fond of all things I get as a blogger, so I must say that I never sell my new stuff. But that old dungaree, the bag I never use, the necklaces that don’t match my style anymore: they will all find their way to the market. Of course there are also ways to sell things online via all kinds of popular websites.

4. Offline events
Another lovely way to earn money as a blogger is through offline events. This could be anything, depending on the field you are in. I, myself, am a stylist which is why I also work on styling projects but most of the time I refer to my blog as both my experience and my branding e.g. why they should pick me for the job. This can also be a nice way to meet your readers and fans.

5. Google AdSense
I personally do not use this, and I’ve heard both pros and cons about using it. Personally, I have just never digged into it deeper since I want to keep my blog clean from spammy looking banner ads. Want to try it out? Them sorry, but my tip doesn’t go further then “google it”. Haha…


Hope these ideas help you out a little. I am very curious about what you think of these options and which of these you were doing already? Oh and guys, let’s not forget that in the end it is not about the money you make, but the fun you have blogging. Hope that my last to posts don’t make you greedy, it’s just to be informative.

Good luck!



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