So… what about blogging? Ever since 2015 there has been a lot of debate about blogs. Is blogging dead? And should we still invest in it? I must admit that at the beginning of 2016 I thought different about blogging than I do now. Let me tell you all I’ve learned about blogging in the past year…

1. Re-newal is key
Over the past year, I have been looking at my work from a distance quite often. It was especially my instagram account that had me thinking: Is this my brand? How is the quality of what I do? What should be improved? Where do I wanna go? I think that it’s super important not be scared to take a look at what you do and change the things you don’t like. Sometimes this means you’ll have to quit some things. For example, I’ve seen friends stop making videos or stop making lifestyle photos so they could focus on what they were good at. I think that’s a super good idea to bring out the best.

2. Blogging is a legit job
At the beginning of this year I had a lot of struggles asking for a fee. Although I made a living of my blog there were still a lot of brands and companies who refused to pay for my services which is why I was not able to work with them. Over the year I think that brands and companies have come to realize that blogging (or vlogging or instagramming) is actually a legit job. They’ve finally noticed that investing their money in a blogger can actually be beneficial.

3. From blogger to online influencer
Some say it’s arrogant to speak of yourself as an online influencer. I really wonder who decided that, cause come on, people, can it have a name please? I always called myself a blogger, just to be safe, but I think that the word blogger doesn’t always cover what we do. Especially now that instagram, snapchat and youtube are becoming so popular, what I do is not just restricted to my blog. I know it may sound weird to think of yourself as someone who influences other people, but it is what it is.

4. Videos can increase your engagement
One thing I’ve learned that really has me going in a different direction is the fact that video increases your engagement. People who watch your videos are more likely to like and comment on your pictures, simply cause they tend to feel more like they know you. The youtube community is one where interaction is key and I really like that about making videos. I already noticed this with instagram stories. I get a lot of questions and comments there. I love the see that interaction.

5. Is blogging dead?
Now, the most important question of all, and one that kinda scares me: Is blogging dead? Well, I do not think it’s dead, but I do think it’s bleeding and it could be sent to the Intensive Care if it keeps on going like this. The world is becoming a place where everything goes super fast. It’s a fact that people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and smaller. A blog may not match this change, whilst short 9second viral videos would. So… I am not sure where this is going, but I am sure that I want to keep blogging. I started because I liked doing it and I still do. I will however be making some changes to adjust to life anno 2017.

What did you learn about blogging in the past year? And where do you think this is heading?




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