OMG. I am so so so excited! 2017 is almost here. But before I am ready to jump into the new year. Let’s have a look at 2016. For you, but also as a reminder to myself I would like to write down all that I am thankful for…

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It’s weird… I wanted to start this post going back to January writing down how that was, but… I cannot remember! Instead I am thinking of January 2015. Digging a little deeper I remember that January and February of this year weren’t really memorizable at all. It was cold, I wasn’t too happy, I just couldn’t wait for the summer.

When March (and my birthday) came around it got better. I got more and more projects to work on and this is also when I decided not to work as a hostess anymore, at all. I invested all of my time in my blog and that really paid off. The assignments and trips were rolling in. I had so much fun working on my blog and instagram account.

Still, when I think about it I can hardly remember details and this happens to me a lot. When people ask me “How was your weekend?” I am like: “Fine.” Then they would ask what I did and I go completely blank. I just cannot seem to remember what I’ve done the past days. A friend of mine has the same issue. She is also a blogger and we are both super busy. I think that’s why we are always so caught up in the moment that we just forget. Also, I go through a lot during the day and the week which is why time goes by super fast.

There have been two major things that have changed concerning my blog: 1. I have become easier on myself. I try not to be too controlling or too much of a perfectionist when it comes to pictures and deadlines. 2. Since the past two months my focus went from my blog to videos. It’s a super cool challenge, it’s new and it’s like I am starting from scratch but I do believe in myself when it comes to videos so I can only hope that it will grow as much as my blog did.

In my personal life there have also been some changes. I broke up with my boyfriend during the summer. We are totally cool with each other and for me it feels good to be single at this time in my life as I am simply too busy with everything, working out being one of them by the way. In the past year I went from working out trice a week to four times a week! OMG.

Haha… But there are a lot more things to change and to challenge myself in. I guess I will write down my resolutions in one of the next posts. So keep an eye on that! How has your year been?

Happy New Year’s Eve!



Wearing: Lipsy coat / Forever21 top / Sézane jeans / Public Desire heels / Topshop bag

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