A new year, new trends! A post on how I’d like to wish you all a happy new year will come in a few days. But for now I would like to start the month as always with a new trend that my has fallen on… this time: The Padded Coat…

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I will be honest with you straight away. I am not yet a big fan of this trend. In fact, I had my doubts on whether I should even choose this coat for trend of the month as I could imagine that this is the kind of trend that I will totally be fond of next year, which would be a better time to write about it. But hey, fashion and trends is all about forecasts so here I go already…

The padded coat, also referred to as the duvet coat has at least one huge advantage: it is super warm and makes you feel like you’re still laying in bed. Also, I must say that it is kinda refreshing. I mean, the maxi coat has been here for a while and we all know about the parka and the trenchcoat. But the padded coat? Aside from the bomber jackets nothing comes close.

So what about these coats? I can see some of my fashionable friends wearing it already. I bet they’ve seen it on the runways as it was huge with loads of designers. However, I still cannot really feel this trend. The coats have me thinking of back when I was 12 and my mom told me I needed a good winter jacket and this would be the best option. Nowadays, I don’t talk “best option” anymore, I think of what fits my style. And this jacket… I don’t know yet. But I also said this about the flare pants a few years ago and watch me now!

So why did I eventually choose for this trend for this month’s love? I saw this amazing blue velvet version at and I just didn’t want to keep that from you. Then, I also saw some more. You’ll find them below. Let me know what you think of the padded coat!



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