While writing this, I am getting ready for my trip. And when you read this, I am probably in a train, somewhere in an amazing city, trying to find my way through Tokyo. Litterally. But I didn’t wanna leave you without some holiday inspiration…

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Holiday inspiration it is. Although I could understand if these pics just make people jalous. Cause WAOW. Isn’t this all amazing? I really love these pictures and I bet that they are totally different from what I am experiencing in Japan.

That sounds as though I don’t like Japan, but I bet that I will. However, we didn’t plan to go to a bounty island for we think that that would be a waste. Bounty islands can be found everywhere, while Japan has so much more to offer.

If you don’t dig these pics, feel free to check out my instagram: @larissabruin . That will give you an idea of my Japan trip. So excited… Oh and all tips are still welcome. Thanks!



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