Yessss, it’s time for another “shop with me” post. I am always super excited about these posts as it makes me want to go shopping more than ever. This time again, I found some items for you that I completely fell in love with myself!


I always find it kinda hard to shop for presents, but at the same time I love doing it. I love to splurge when it comes to the people I love, but moreover I like to surprise them with items they didn’t think they needed until they see it. And this time, somehow, it was super easy to create this holiday gift guide full with items that are truly amazing, handy, cute and handy for everyone.

In fact, I think that I should tell my family about this gift guide here, so they can buy one of the things on this list haha. Mom, I am sooo crazy about the mermaid plaid. Sister, I would love that cute perfume. Dad, can I have the velvet bag please? Haha…

Did you go Christmas shopping already? Where do you buy items? For my mom and sis it’s always easy: I simply think of what I would like to get myself: jewelry, home accessories, beauty products. For my little niece I simply go to the toy shop and buy something fun & educational. It’s the hardest to find something for my dad. He never asks for anything and says “I am happy cause I’ve got you ladies in my life”. Okay thanks, but what do you want for Christmas? Socks? Too easy! So a gadget maybe? But would he know how it works? Haha… We also celebrate Christmas with friends, so I’m not done yet. Haha

Let me know what you think of this gift guide!





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