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In this post I would like to ask you guys a favor… In fact, I’d like an answer to the question what you’d like to see more on my blog?

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Ever since I started my blog there have been a few themes/rubrics that came back monthly. For example, I have always had the “This month’s love goes out to…” rubric that is all about new trends. Then, I had a year of posts that gave you a peak in my friends’ closets, then a year of “boyfriend material” which gave you an insight in what I like men to wear. I have been doing the “A touch of tumblr” posts for almost two years now and I have noticed a lot of new followers on my tumblr account considering I only repost overthere and am never active besides the monthly reposts.

To me, these posts are very inspiring because they give me a reason to go on tumblr and see what’s new. It shows me a lot of style shots but also inspires me on how to photograph my own outfits, flat lays and “from where I stand” pics. I am just wondering if these inspirational posts are nice for you guys as well. And, of course, if there are other things you would like to see on my blog for the next year.

I will still be doing the Blog tips post every month, since I get a lot of nice comments on that one and people seem to really appreciate it. Am I to make more Touch of Tumblr posts as well? And what else do you want to see? Thanks guys!



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