Do you also love shopping from all over the world? I for one seem to love my new purchases a thousand times more when I know that they come all the way from the other side of the world. Sometimes this means that the items are unique, other times it means that these items may not even have been available in my own country. Delivery of such items can be a huge struggle. Well, how am I excited to have found a lovely app that makes delivery way easier and even fun! Let me tell you all about it here…

Lately I came across this new app called Grabr, which makes online shopping a lot easier. With this app you can order items from anywhere, for example that cute boutique in Barcelona or that vintage selling person you know from instagram. Then, someone who is traveling that place at that moment can pick it up for you and deliver it to you. This is also very handy if you’ve forgotten something in a holiday area! You place the order via Grabr, choose the traveler, arrange delivery and submit a shipping fee. And voilà, your purchase is all yours.

So although I love my delivery guy for every piece he has been bringing to me the past few years; I might not need him anymore. Cause now any traveler can bring me my packages. And of course, since I love traveling myself, this could also be a way for me and other travellovers to earn some extra money as a deliverer. Cause say you are in a distant area somewhere in Japan and someone needs a parcel from their to be shipped to your country: match! You might as well earn some money while you’re there and make another shopper very happy. Isn’t it a great concept?

Grabr also has a shop with suggested items from all around the world. Like some other top bloggers I made myself a Paris themed wish list, of which grabr made an e-catalog called #THELIST. You can find it here. Of course macaroons from Ladurée could not be missed in my wish list, cause yeaaay! Grabr makes it possible for me to get the crème de la crème from Paris. Same for that baret or French designer items.

Grabr is now running a contest which will get you $50 off your first order. I cannot wait to download and try the app. How about you? Oh, and let me know which of these wishlist items is your favorite!




In this picture: 1. Kenzo Paris sweater, 2. Saint Laurent bag, 3. “How to be Parisian” book, 4. Dior So Real sunglasses, 5. Ladurée macaroons, 6. Laulhere baret, 7. Isabel Marant boots, 8. Tiffany & Co. Eiffel Tower necklace, 9. Chloé perfume

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