After my Holiday X-mas lookbook of course I also needed to record a holiday party lookbook, with looks that are more appropriate for a party and less for a dinner with family. Let me show you my favorite three looks here…


When it comes to NYE, I am always way too late with making plans. This year was no different and I ended up in panic just a week ago thinking: OMG, what am I gonna do?! Of course, most of my friends had planned a party for themselves already. Others don’t do anything special or go on a trip abroad. And then there are few friends who had actually asked me to come to their party a long time ago, but I just hadn’t confirmed anything yet. Pfff… it’s always such a hurdle!

Finally, I know what I am gonna do and I bet it’s gonna be fun. But what to wear? When it comes to NYE, I think there are a few things to think of:

1. Festive is the way to go!
As with any holiday outfit, sequins, sparkles and anything festive is the way to go. This is the ultimate excuse to take out that glitter top or dress and shine your way into 2017.

2. Warm or cold?
If you are staying at home or at a friend’s home, it may be best to dress warm: knitwear (with sequins or in a metallic coating) would be great. But if you are planning on going out, you may wanna lose the sleeves so you won’t get to hot in that crowdy bar or club. I’d say: put on a cardigan for the evening and take that off later on.

3. Shoes to dance on
Lucky me, it has been a while that I came home from a party with sore feet because of immense high heels. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that heels don’t make my night complete. In contrast, it makes it harder for me to enjoy dancing and standing on my feet for too long. So I would always advice to go for the type of heels that are comfortable and elegant.

Do you already know what you’ll wear during NYE? And where are you going? Have fun!



Details about the outfits in this video can be found in the description box of this video here

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